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Remember when the idea of robots doing all of the work for us seemed like a futuristic concept? Well, the future of real estate marketing is here and believe it or not, artificial intelligence is already in place. It’s just a matter of whether you are leveraging it to help your business or not.

Realtors who are utilizing the smart data real estate strategy know firsthand how implementing automation and artificial intelligence can help you scale your business. The use of smart data allows realtors to make data-driven decisions when they obtain statistics from campaigns. They are able to then create automated campaigns and approaches where robots and AI make the calls, texts, and emails that specifically target their ideal clientele. This idea of “work smarter, not harder” gives realtors the opportunity to get leads and prospects while they’re working on developing relationships and closing sales. The smart data services and exclusive licensing to select territories provided by empowers realtors to do just that.

Of course, data isn’t free. In fact, big data companies pour billions of dollars into developing algorithms for smart data and these costs trickle down to the consumer level as well. Co-founder of Rich Swier, Jr. makes a great point about the dilemma this creates for many realtors: costs for leads. Data should drive your business decisions but how do you validate the cost for acquiring data? And when customer acquisition costs will be high in certain areas, how can you ensure that the investment costs correspond with the return on investment?

“If you want to make scalable decisions and if you want to repeat what works, you have to invest in the data,” says Swier. Using a system for your smart data like allows realtors to measure their campaign against other realtors to get a true read on their performance and the success of the campaign in the different territories where they are marketing.

Many times people will share extreme experiences of top performing agents and try to pass those isolated instances off as the success standard. This inconsistent data can lead realtors down the wrong path with their targeted marketing approach. When you have the marketing performance data at your fingertips, you can compare campaigns more easily and scale your business accordingly.

Waiting for word of mouth referrals from previous clients, friends or family puts a lot of realtors at a disadvantage when it comes to new customer acquisition. Using smart data for real estate marketing also helps realtors to break out of their spheres by using digital advertising to customize their audiences and gain new prospects.

Don’t be fooled though. While automation of smart data can help you get the leads, it’s still up to the agents and realtors to make the effort and nurture the relationships necessary to get the listings and close the deals.

Data may drive the decisions, but relationships still fuel the forward progress and overall success of your business. Still wondering how smart data can help you make smarter marketing campaigns for your real estate business? Watch the full conversation between Dickson and Swier (Episode 4: Power of Smart Data) to discover how smart data can help you make better decisions, automate your lead generation, and scale your business.

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