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Real estate brokers and brokerage firms have a lot to offer agents and realtors who come on board in terms of an established name or brand. But what about providing dependable help for the time-consuming yet necessary tasks involved in real estate lead generation?

Being able to automate and delegate these tasks not only provides brokers with a higher value proposition to potential agents – it gives agents a head start for success.

We know brokers have certain goals when it comes to running a successful team, including but not limited to recruitment, revenue, and retention. Getting the top talent on your team, helping them succeed, and keeping them with your brokerage can be a challenge in a competitive market share. Artificial intelligence can help real estate brokers bolster their recruits by monitoring their success, identifying effective strategies, and incentivizing their best performers to stay. An example of AI in real estate is R.O.O.F., the newest program from

Real Estate Office of the Future (R.O.O.F.) features your own virtual assistant to automate daily tasks involved in lead generation and tasks that you would typically assign to an inside sales assistant. Through the use of artificial intelligence, R.O.O.F. collects consumer data and processes it through the algorithm. Then RAIA (your virtual ISA) puts this information into action.

RAIA is a realtor’s dream employee. She places calls, sends emails, and prospects neighborhoods so all you have to do is focus on building relationships with the leads she generates to get your listings. With RAIA’s simple, user-friendly interface, agents and realtors can interact quickly and effectively to get their daily tasks accomplished and get back to the most important part of their job – building relationships to close deals.

This automated approach to real estate lead generation is what the real estate office of the future is all about. You might be asking yourself is it really necessary to provide leads to agents with and R.O.O.F. Not yet. However, once other brokerages are using tools like the automation and predictive analytics found in R.O.O.F. for their lead generation, you’ll be wishing you had started sooner.

“When you create a systematic way of generating leads - that’s a great environment where everyone makes money,” says Rich Swier, Jr., co-founder of “When you go into a brokerage that has R.O.O.F., you can see how everyone else is performing and what they are doing to be successful.” Swier along with co-founder Mark Dickson know what’s on the mind of a broker.

“They have to be a lot more conscious of revenue and cost. They’re actively looking for ways to grow their market share,” comments Dickson.

And when they’re looking for talented team members, artificial intelligence will likely become a component for attracting and keeping top producers. An investment in the future of their brokerage that streamlines lead generation through automation is one way the broker can see a better return on their investment.

Try out R.O.O.F. by interviewing RAIA and learning more about the program to see if she’s right for your team. Visit to interact with RAIA.

Hear more about R.O.O.F. from the co-founders of in Episode 5 of their conversation series, available at now.

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