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Industry Seller Leads: A Summary

They are the cornerstone of a successful RE business going into 2019. They are comprised of residents living in your service area (your farm) who have actively demonstrated that they are looking to list their home within the next 6-12 months. This demonstration could be in the form of consumer actions or decisions or, more actively, they can be homeowners who have opted into specialized RE marketing campaigns and who might have interacted with surveys set out to connect interested homeowners with trusted agents in their area.

Why are they important?

Simply put, they represent a more qualified sect in that they are identified earlier on in the decision-making process. In 2019, it is no longer enough to simply be there as an agent ready to help homeowners with their listing needs, agents marketing their brand and value to homeowners must now consider the timing and consistency of their marketing ideas and campaigns geared towards potential home sellers. Homeowners in this market are indeed over-saturated with blanket communication and require not only specialized service but timely service from a specialized agent that has updated info around the regional housing market.

Where to get them

They require data and a method to crunch that data over time in order to properly highlight those home sellers which are most likely to require the services of a qualified RE specialist. That said, is your source for them, which we identify using Smart Data. Ours are provided exclusively for your area and are divided by census tract so that the neighborhoods that your brand markets to are covered more thoroughly. If you haven't yet, set an appointment with one of our business strategists today to learn more about and what they can do for your business in 2018, 2019 and beyond.

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