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In Real Estate, Lead Generation Is An Active Art

As technologically advanced as the offrs lead generation solution is, converting leads is as much a factor in your success as finding them. We've discussed in previous articles how we go about predicting home sellers months in advance of them seeking an agent to help them list. And, we've discussed the importance of conversion over time (aka "farming"). But in this article, we hope to highlight the two activities (finding a potential home seller and working that potential lead to a listing appointment and eventual close).

To accomplish this, one must break through a very common misconception: that a lead in your hand today is going to remain there over time. Again, we've said this before, but let's recap the core takeaway... your competition is actively working your area with you (all of your competition is). We can provide exclusive data generation on which homeowners are most likely to list their home within the next few months, but if you sit on that info... someone else is going to stumble on the lead and take it from you.

For this reason, it's imperative that you collect as many leads as you can, but also, that you work them as quickly as you can. This has been the goal in real estate since the beginning of time, but now, with improvements in data collection and processing, offrs is able to provide you with a consistent 70% national accuracy in prediction. The offrs solution actually provides on both of these necessary generation fronts above. Let's take a look:

  • Updated Data Generation: offrs provides contact info on homeowners in your farm (often replacing missing data using multiple sources that each contain a piece of the puzzle). This will help you connect with your farm.

  • Predictive Analytics: offrs not only updates the contact information for homeowners in your area every few weeks, we process the data around each homeowner to predict which ones are most likely to need your services.

You Have To Move And Move Quickly!

So as you've seen, we can provide you with a continuously-updated list of real estate contacts for your farm and we can generate statistics around which on that list are most likely to need your service within the next few months. What's next? Next, we need you to generate those calls, knock on those doors, send out those emails and make your brand present. Roughly 3 out of every 4 home sellers will list with the first agent that walks up to them with arm extended and business card in hand. This is why we push for rapid action on your part. If you're the second gal or guy to show up... you just got placed into the bottom 25th percentile of landing that listing!

The Missing Link... Is Your Brand

But it's okay. We've got the generation data pooled together and we are marking the lists with our predictions right now. The only thing that's missing is your brand and your voice to reach out to them and help them move their properties. Let's get you started in the right direction. Connect with an offrs business strategist today and begin working your highlighted list ASAP. We've got your back.

Did you know that offrs is the leading real estate lead generation service provider? Check out our data parnter, ATTOM as they share their opinion on offrs' impact on real estate.

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