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Why you need Seller Leads not Buyer Leads

Federal jury verdict on broker fees rocks real estate industry!
It could mean that home sellers will not be responsible for paying the commissions for the buying brokers.
Does this mean Buyer Leads are worthless?
Yes. Listing Leads will now be the only way you are guaranteed commission. Buyer commissions will be dramatically reduced and most likely go away.
How to generate Listing Leads

ROOF Converts Leads

ROOF leverages A.I. to help you convert your leads into listings by ensuring every lead is touched immediately and consistently over time via outreach including calls, txt and email.

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$200,000 in Commissions

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We guarantee 30 leads per month with our new Lead Feed product. If we fall short, we will automatically expand your area at no additional cost.

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Predictive Analytics Seller Leads
You have to be First in the Door to win Listings
According to the National Association of REALTORS® 3 out of 4 Homeowners choose the First Agent they talk to when deciding to list their home for sale.
Predicting Listings Listing Leads
We predict over 70% of Listings.
We leverage over 250 points of data on homeowners to process our predictive algorithm to identify who is most likely to list their home for sale in the next 12 months.
How to generate Listing Leads

It's not Magic. It's Math.

Predictive Analytics and Big Data drive most decisions in businesses around the world. Now it can be used to grow your Real Estate business.

Prediction Accuracy
Homeowner Data Sources
Agents leveraging Smart Data

Powered by A.I. to give you an Edge

For over a decade we have been the #1 provider of predictive analytics helping agents be first in the door in winning listings. We have expanded our work in Artificial Intelligence to build a dynamic lead qualification service to help convert leads into listings.

Get Leads Anywhere

You can access our Smart Data anywhere. Simply search by zipcode and you can access contact information for all homeowners and more importantly our leads.


Real Estate Leads delivered daily

We generate leads leveraging our proven online advertising and through a multitude of date providers from popular real estate websites.


Proven Lead Capture.

Our lead capture ads and landing pages have been refined over time to ensure we generate quality leads for our customers.

Real Estate Lead Generation

We Deliver Results

We have helped generate thousands of listing leads and listings working with agents across the country. Our Smart Data has put them first in the door.

Save Time and Money

Our Predictive Sellers saves you time and money by focusing on who is most likely to list their home.

Listing Leads in your Zip
Access Leads in your Territory
Marketing to Seller Leads
Leverage Predictive Sellers in your Marketing
Home owners looking to Sell
Homeowner Contact Information
Real Estate Apps
Access Real-Time Lead Feed
How to generate Seller Leads

We convert leads into Listings

Our A.I. Powered program automates the delivery of dynamic ads thru the biggest ad networks to ensure you capture leads in your territory. Once we capture leads we continue to communicate via email, sms and phone to ensure we maximize conversion.