August 06

offrs Review: You excellent, little creature, you…

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We’re all about excellence (and we know you are too - you’re reading a microblog about it). But to be clear… we’re human. We’re not perfect, but we learn and grow with each and every task we take on. This is excellence. Somewhere along the lines (we’re looking at you here “motivational” posters from the 70’s and 80’s), excellence was hijacked to become some state of business perfection. Like it was actually a mountain, literally a mountain, we could climb and sit atop as king or queen of excellence - who closes on a snow-capped mountain in a suit and tie?

But, as we all know deep down, excellence is an approach. It’s a process of getting up off the floor with every “We’re exploring FSBO…” we’re hit with. Forget grace, rejection hurts. But you’ve got to press on with each blow, continue to learn, grow and become better at your day. If you’re a parent, you’ve just wasted about 2 minutes of your time (sorry, you already know this). But it’s sometimes helpful to hear a friendly fellow in the field remind you what you already know… that you’re an excellent creature and you can do this. Go humble, but go bold. Prance onward…!

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