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Empower all your Agents with access to our Smart Apps and opportunity to leverage the power of Smart Data.

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What is Smart Broker?

Learn how we partner with brokers to bring more value to agents thru our Smart Apps Platform.

Empower your Agents.


Give something for Free

Our lead management platform is free to all your agents. They can manage their existing contacts and leads and drive new business. They have the option to upgrade to access Smart Data and use premium apps as well.


Every Agent gets an App

We provide a wide range of apps to ensure every agent gets value. Our free apps can help an agent leverage their existing contacts to drive new business. Our premium apps focus on leveraging our Smart Data to prospect and farm for leads.


Access to Smart Data

You have the option to license your area and provide Smart Data to your agents, or provide access to your agents to license their territory on their own. The more agents on the platform, the better the pricing.


Zero Risk

The Smart Broker program is free to the Broker. Access to agents to show them the power of Smart Data and Smart Apps is the only thing we require to ensure success. Agents can decide if they want to upgrade during rollout.

We can start your Rollout Now.

As part of our Smart Broker program we help onboard agents onto our Smart Apps platform and each agent can decide what apps to use and if they want to upgrade to leverage Smart Data.


Delivering Results

We have helped generate thousands of listings working with agents across the country. Our Smart Data has put them first in the door.

Deliver the Future

Every real estate agent grows their business thru a combination of referrals, farming or lead generation. You can provide your agents powerful data and apps that can accelerate all three today.