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We identify home owners who have shown intent on listing their home by engaging with real estate websites.
Buyer Leads
We identify home buyers who are thinking of buying by engaging with real estate websites.
FSBO Leads
We provide For Sale By Owner leads that have a high likelihood of hiring an agent.
Expired Listing Leads
We provide Expired listing leads that have a high likelihood of hiring an agent.

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Predictive Analytics
You have to be First in the Door to win Listings
According to the National Association of REALTORS® over 3 out of 4 Homeowners choose the First Agent they talk to when deciding to list their home for sale.
Predicting Listings
We predict over 70% of Listings.
We leverage over 250 points of data on homeowners to process our predictive algorithm to identify who is most likely to list their home for sale in the next 12 months.

It's not Magic. It's Math.

Predictive Analytics and Big Data drive most decisions in businesses around the world. Now it can be used to grow your Real Estate business.

Prediction Accuracy
Homeowner Data Sources
Agents leveraging Smart Data

We Deliver Results

We have helped generate thousands of listings working with agents across the country. Our Smart Data has put them first in the door.

Save Time and Money

Our Smart Data saves you time and money by focusing on who is most likely to list while our Smart Apps allow you to customize your marketing to suit your preference and budget.

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