Do you qualify for Support?

Information to help you and your business.

Individuals who operate a sole proprietorship or as an independent contractor and eligible self-employed individuals. Other types of businesses are covered as well, but this should certainly include most Real Estate Agents.
If you were in business February 15, 2019 – June 30, 2019: Your max loan is equal to 250 percent of your average monthly payroll costs during that time period. If your business employs seasonal workers, you can opt to choose March 1, 2019 as your time period start date.
Compensation (salary, wage, commission, or similar compensation, payment of cash tip or equivalent).
Forgiveness on a covered loan is equal to the sum of the following payroll costs incurred during the covered 8 week period compared to the previous year or time period, proportionate to maintaining employees and wages.
All current SBA 7(a) lenders are eligible lenders for PPP. The Department of Treasury will also be in charge of authorizing new lenders, including nonbank lenders, to help meet the needs of small business owners. To view Types of 7(a) Loads go here. To find SBA Lenders go here.