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For New Agents or For Older Agents Alike

Whether a newly licensed agent or a seasoned industry vet, we all appreciate real estate marketing tips and advice. Anything we can get our hands on for the shifting sands of the housing market. Unfortunately, when we enter into real estate, marketing and branding advice isn't top on the list of support items we're exposed to and we're often left to our own devices to "figure things out" on our own. Sure, you may have some marketing advice from brokers that have earned their chops in the field and over the years, but let's look at some helpful tips & tricks when it comes to shouting your brand from the mountaintops.

Real Estate Marketing & Promotion Resources

Apart from the above-mentioned hard truth about RE (the training you should've received but didn't), you do actually have a ton of educational and practical resources available to you as an independent RE specialist. You just have to know where to look, but perhaps more importantly, you have to know what to look for. For offline resources, you can start with the following:

  • Your testing facility (they'll likely have given you some offline, printed materials for expanding your brand's influence in the region)
  • Your RE exam instructor (if you weren't given any offline branding materials to work from, check with your teacher)
  • Friends & family that have been successful at RE (to pick up on positive tips)
  • Friends & family that haven't been successful at RE (what not to do for your branding needs)
  • Your broker (they will likely have given you some RE business tips already, so don't waste their time with questions you can look up online)
  • Your peers in the office (but, like your broker, they'll be looking for ideas to market and promote RE - don't waste their time)
  • The library (don't knock it till you head there and see the free, offline real estate marketing resources available to the general public)
  • RE marketing conventions in the area (if you want to know where most agents go for marketing tips, this is a good start)
  • Local meetups in the area (you'd be surprised how manyRE-oriented meetups there are in the area)

Okay, so those are just some of the obvious (and free), offline marketing resources for small RE businesses that you have access to right now. But what about online resources for brand promotion for your business? That's actually pretty easy (if not quite the list to share)! As with nearly any branding and marketing requirements for small RE businesses or large brokerages these days, the internet is filled with best practices shared by marketing professionals. Let's explore...

Obviously, there's a world out there for you to discover when it comes to online marketing resources for real estate agents. But that should get you started. Let's talk about some promotional tools for your business. We'll list out some of the basic toolsets available to RE pros, but then include some of the secret tools used by branding professionals to blow up their business taking advantage of lead generation solutions, predictive analytics tools and so on. It's quite fascinating stuff, but let's look at the basics first...

There's a lot here and as the leading provider of real estate marketing services (both free with and exclusive/paid solutions with, we'd be lacking in our own marketing efforts if we didn't include ourselves on the list. So, don't shoot yourself in the foot by losing your own backyard (again, we license territories exclusively) or add more work to your marketing load. Discover for yourself what has for your RE business's marketing needs. Speak with one of our specialists today!

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