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Listing leads defined

If you were to poll nearly any seller's agent that is really working their real estate business, they'll conclude that they're pretty much their entire focus. But they might not be able to tell you exactly what a listing lead is... other than a lead that's listing their home for sale, that is. Obvious aside, let's break down the tenets of what a listing lead is in real estate, as it might help you, the active real estate agent with your lead-hunting processes:

  • All properties become them at some point: This is an important concept that often goes unrecognized. In short, they're all around us. Every property is going to sell and every property listing is going to have someone at the helm. They may try and FSBO it, auction it and so on, but no matter what, there's always the opportunity to aid in the seller's understanding of the local/regional market, the current state of the market or even a historical perspective of the housing market over time (and so on). To sum it up... every property will sell and every sale will have a point-person. That point person may (and most often will) need the help of an agent. The key here is a tweak of perspective and a greater understanding of time. Certainly, this alone doesn't help your real estate business's bottom line, but it plays an important role in how you approach your market. In this case, you'd do well to know that you're surrounded by opportunity.
  • Listing leads are a state of homeowner: A subtle branch of the above, but more of a homeowner story, they're homeowners that have decided to explore the option of listing their home. This is a little different than properties in that it's more nebulous than the hard, cold sale of a property. Whereas a property is either in the state of sale or not, a homeowner can shift into and out of the state of interest regarding the listing of their home. This can be a bit frustrating to real estate professionals who understandably don't like their time wasted with mild interest, but again, those real estate agents that regard all interest as a possible listing lead, they'll be ready for the ball when it does come towards them. What's key here is this... it is conceivable (and often targeted as a marketing campaign goal) to take any homeowner and convince them of the opportunity to list their home with you. Not too foreign a concept, right? You're already doing this, but you may think you're seeking those that have already decided to list. The fact is... your marketing materials may be putting that option into your neighbors' minds. If that isn't your consideration... perhaps it should be. They'll weight their options, but it's your business to provide them with options.
  • Most will pull in an agent to help list their home: As many homeowners as there are going to be listing their home this year, the vast majority of them are going to list with a listing agent at some point during the process, or... at very least consult with a friend or family member that has professional listing experience. You already know this to be true, but if you're not putting your name in the hat for that day, then you're missing out. 72% of homeowners will hire the first agent that comes through their door. So, if you're second in line, you've mathematically wasted your time. Here's the takeaway here... even if they FSBO and you know they're going to come back a month or three down the line asking for an agent's help in listing their home... why shouldn't that be you? This also leads to the next point...
  • They're there for you to lose: In the above FSBO scenario, you might be thinking "I don't want that headache" but... every lead you leave on the table in your area, goes to your competition. One legitimate strategy (one that has worked well in battle over the centuries), is to starve your competition out of your territory. Don't leave any leads for your competition. Own it by being there at every opportunity in your farm. If most homeowners are going to ultimately pull in an agent to assist in listing their home, make it you.

This is all a bit to chew, but these are important in understanding what a listing lead is - especially considering that they're at the core of a seller agents' business. More often than not, agents will treat them as something that pops up out of the blue. You may already have a healthy understanding that this is not the case, but it's important to not let lead complacency seep into your operations, or more specifically.. that complacency doesn't seep into your habits and relationships. Break the cycle of other agents stealing your homesellers by never letting your leads out of your site or go on too far without a follow-up of some sort (even if it's just a personal hello or catch-up coffee date).

Where do real estate agents get listing leads?

So hopefully, the above section helped clarify that they aren't something you necessarily get, but rather, they're all around us and are a state of a property (or at least a state of homeowners minds). When a homeowner decides that they're indeed interested in listing their home, they're a listing lead (whether they know it or not). And now, the race is on to identify them and get that relationship moving along in the best track forward for both you and the seller. That all said, the listing lead identification solution provided by works day and night, collecting information on residents in your exclusive territory which helps to make this connection easier and faster. Essentially, if a homeowner is starting to act like they're interested in listing their home, they'd do better (statistically saving more cash and time) if they connect with you sooner rather than later. This is why agents need:

  • A solid connection with residents in their farm (or at least a way to connect)
  • An often-updated list of homeowner contact information (fresh data)
  • Predictive analytics to highlight the most actively-interested homeowners (listing leads)

Can agents purchase them? Can help?

Absolutely (and you should). A regular source of them is the foundation of a reliable real estate business and if you're not getting them delivered to your inbox regularly, then you need to start budgeting for it. offrs provides the real estate industry with proven predictive analytics to highlight them, as well as other tools, services and best practices regarding conversion over time. It's exclusive to you and is broken into easy, monthly payments. Getting access to high-quality data is out of reach for most agents. But affordable access to the data excluively and on top of that, having a proprietary algorithm go through the data and predict (with a 70% or higher accuracy on average) which homes are going to list within the next 12 months... yeah, can help. Get going with your lead generation and kick your real estate business into serious-mode. Set an appointment today with one of the offrs strategic business consultants and discover what it looks like to have highlighted homeowners show up in your inbox automatically.

You've got this.

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