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Capturing Real Estate Listing Leads

The whole notion of "capturing leads" is somewhat misunderstood and it might better your business to have a broader understanding of what listing lead "capture" truly means. First off, let's address a small thorn in the language used (some basic homeowner empathy). A homeowner reading "capture" in the header may feel that they've somehow been duped... like something caught in a trap. But as you know (being a homeowner yourself), homeowners exploring the idea of listing their property can be flighty and easily frightened off from their own best interests.

Part of your responsibility is to keep their head in the game and to help guide them through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible while maximizing their ROI (and making a fair ROI for your own work). That said, let's agree that as scary as "capture" sounds... it's accurate to describe your task of keeping your teammate (the homeowner) in the game and on track to win. If it helps, consider it "capturing their attention" (and retaining it).

Then, we have the misconception around listing leads being something you "have" or "don't have." Too many assume that once they've "found" a homeowner looking to list, that they've "captured a listing lead." As if the state of knowing has the same operational value as the state of having - but this is far from being the case. As many seasoned pros will tout, contact info is not a listing lead. You may have gained their info, but you haven't captured the lead.

Realistic Conversion timelines

To better understand the process of lead capture, you'll need to move the timeline much further along (from the point where you first gain an interested homeowner's contact info, all the way to the close). Everything that happens in between (all that effort you put in to move them from relative stranger to closed client) is conversion. For many, this is understood, but still, it is all too often the case that we hear agents speak of contacts as leads and conversations as conversions.

That last part is very important. If you haven't yet had several conversations over several channels, then you haven't yet begun the process of converting the listing lead. And, if you have had several conversations, you have many more to go. It may be a little crude to say it in this context, but... don't count your chickens until they've hatched. Until you've signed the closing papers, your work is still ahead of you. Then, even after you've closed... you have only just begun the process of gaining their continued business and all possible referrals.

What This All Means to Your Business

This is all to say, conversion is a life-long process, not something that happens as a small step in a larger timeline - it is the timeline. can arm you with extensive, continuously-updated contact info and our proprietary predictive analytics algorithm will highlight which are your most motivated home sellers, narrowing your marketing focus to the most likely to list their home in the coming months, but... your brand has to be there, making those outreach efforts and converting listing leads along the way.

If you don't yet have a solid and consistent source of real estate listing leads, then you're going to need to step up your game and connect with an offrs business strategist today. But, as they'll say themselves, even after you begin to receive highly qualified home sellers in your inbox, you're going to have to work them. Don't worry, we also offer extensive training and best practices resources. We've got your back!

You can also find out more on the offrs YouTube channel!

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