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Predictive Analytics As Real Estate Lead Generation Services

When you think of lead generation services, predictive analytics may not be the first thing that comes to mind... but maybe it should be. The world has changed a lot over the past decade and one of the most influential factors making waves in all but a few industries is predictive analytics. Its impact on RE has been like that of a tidal wave. The question is, which side of the wave are you on? Predictive analytics is the analysis of collected data, and in the case of's solution, the effectiveness of the service is limited on two fronts:

  • The source data fueling the algorithm: This is the raw data that makes the math behind real estate lead generation services possible.

  • The application of the data by the agent (once delivered): This is the daily grind of putting the data to use.

We've spoken quite a bit on the importance of following up on leads and conversion of leads over time, but given that offrs sources data from top-tier data providers and further compares that continuously-updated source data to verified data, it then ultimately comes down to lead conversion (putting them to use). This is the secret that helps make the predictive algorithm so powerful... agents working their leads. Afterall, data is only useful when it's properly used.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Once again, we're proud of the fact that CIO Applications has selected as the Top Predictive Analytics Solutions provider for RE! offrs has a long history of innovating lead generation services, however... this is only the beginning. We set out so many years ago to make an impact in the lead generation industry and the RE services industry as a whole. The journey has been very rewarding for our team, but it's the challenges that drive us and we look forward to solving tomorrow's problems as well!

If you haven't yet learned about how can grow your business, be sure to book a quick session with one of our strategic consultants today!

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