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Buying Real Estate Seller Leads Via Predictive Analytics

One of the most game-changing technologies to hit our industry is predictive analytics. This is the technology that uses continuously-updated homeowner data from multiple, top-tier data sources to mathematically predict future listings in a given area (often 6-12 months before the home enters the market). As mentioned in other articles here at, this technology is not necessarily new, and our economy has largely depended on it since the core concept was put into effect by stock brokerages dating back to the 1980's and even into the 1970's. was one of the first industry disruptors to implement predictive analytics algorithms and the first to deploy this service to agents as a data subscription service, providing enterprise-level data at independent agent-level pricing. Over the years, we have worked to refine our algorithm and boast a 70% national average for accuracy in predicting which homes are going to list in any given census tract up to 6-12 months in advance of the homeowner listing.

While the technology is profoundly fascinating and indeed game-changing, the ability to break out payments for access to the data as well as to know that the data is updated every few weeks to maintain viable accuracy... this is what makes the offrs solution such a powerhouse in our industry. Coupled with our exclusive licensing options, agents across the country can rest assured that their RE brand not only gains access to this data but that it can do so without concern for competitors working their territories.

Why This Timeline Is So Important

The advance window of knowledge (knowing which homes are the most likely to list within the next 6-12 months with up to a 70% average accuracy) is important. With stats showing that 72% of homeowners choose the first agent that comes to their door, being second to the door is simply not a viable business model. If you're 2nd, 3rd or beyond in approaching a home seller about listing their home, then you're going to lose roughly 3 out of every 4 listing opportunities that you do find.

And if you're banking on client loyalty to maintain the status quo... words aren't enough. Another stat shows that while 80% of homeowners say they'd list with their existing agent, only 20% actually do. That means that for every 5 of your existing connections, past clients, seller leads, family members and so on... for every 5 that say you're their agent when it comes time to list... 4 of those 5 are statistically likely to head to another agent to actually list their home. Food for thought.

The Role Of Business Intelligence in RE

So beyond even maintaining your existing seller lead pipeline, it's clear that any prospect of actually growing your business is now increasingly reliant on solid business intelligence. But business intelligence comes in all shapes and sizes and while this may not have always been the case, offrs has continued to innovate our solutions for agents and as you, ll see... you're empowered to make offrs work for within your day-to-day operation. Let's explore... with the offrs solution, you gain:

  • Data Access (Real Estate Seller Leads): Updated homeowner contact info from multiple, top-tier data providers at a doable monthly subscription rate. This gives you core access to residents in your farm.

  • Smart Data (Predictive Analytics): Homeowner rankings that show you which of your homeowners are the most likely to list their home int he coming months. This gives you the first-to-Door edge over your competition.

  • Lead Conversion Tools: The option to either access your raw home seller data (for use by another CRM, for example) or to utilize the data directly in a campaign using one of many marketing campaign tools available with the offrs platform.

  • Customizable Team Options: The ability to manage lead routing and distribution options for a team, or to simply operate your offrs lead generation pipeline for your own use. The offrs solution is scalable for your needs.

  • Customizable Account Options: For many, exclusivity is key, but for some... the ability to choose the level of data access and control themselves is required to fit within their budget. With offrs, you're in control.

    Where Do You Go From Here

    This is a lot to take in, but you're not alone. We not only built the seller leads machine and adjusted it over the past few years to maximum efficiency, we've assembled a team of business strategists that have seen it all, big and small. If you haven't yet... you'll want to lock down a consultation with one of these strategists today to see how the offrs solution can bolster your business this year. This is it... the window into your business's edge going forward. Take a look at what's possible...

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