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The Top Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Let's roll back a few years and look at some of the early provisioners of lead generation in real estate (the companies providing lead generation services for agents working their small businesses around the country). It's 2010 and the housing market is in the middle of one of the worst throwbacks seen in decades. While this is going on all around us, technologists at companies around the nation are working hard to connect the dots between what we know and what we want to know.

Fast forward to 2013 and the promise of light at the end of the tunnel is starting to look more and more like an inevitability. But for many agents (those that have survived the great purge), the task of assuring, however possible, that their business gain and maintain any cutting edge over their competition is still on the hot list of todo's. Mathemetician and technology entrepreneur, Rich Swier connects with broker and technologist, Mark Dickson to further develop and finalize the core offrs lead generation algorithm.

Around this time, other real estate lead generation companies like SmartZip, BoomTown, TigerLeads, Zurple, and BoldLeads are also working on their model for lead generation using technology as a bridge between the agent and the potential home seller lead so sought after. Looking back, many of these familiar companies have dropped down or even off the list, having focused too much effort on either technology or service (productization and delivery of their solution).

What Went Wrong For These Companies

First, let's be fair and say that the ball is still in motion and hindsight is easy (especially when analyzing past predictions from multiple lead generation service providers, companies like those above). That said, what we discussed about the balance between technology and service... the info we gather and the way in which we deploy it into the agent market is a very fine line to walk and in this service industry (lead generation for RE pros), humility, flexibility, and adaptability have helped forge the brand as the top provider out of all of the initial lead generation companies for real estate. These are important factors in what helped us gain and hold our top position... play and time.

Play is the concept of out-of-the-box thinking, not only with technology but with how we deliver the practical results of that technology. While the results of our predictive algorithm haven't changed much (we're still seeing a national average accuracy of over 70%!), how we package our solution to make it more accessible to SMB real estate agents around the nation has many times over. And this leads to the first notion... know your customer.

Real estate is a relationship business and in this era of social connectedness, nearly everyone has a real estate agent in their sphere and likely several. This, coupled with the often lower-bar of entry as a career path, makes the market highly competitive. With this in mind, we set out with what ended up being a unique service offering (at least with regards to lead generation for real estate agents) and that is exclusivity. Early on, Mark and Rich saw that making data both accessible and cost-effective wasn't enough. It had to be exclusive.

And while this became one of many lead generation service innovations that made offrs stand out in the crowd of companies early on, it was one of the downfalls of real estate lead generation companies like SmartZip, that provided open-ended data to all agents working any given area. Coupled with similar template-formated marketing and market channel conversion methodologies, what agents in the field started hearing early-on was that homeowners were over-saturated with "the same" spam from countless agents using the same material formats.

And this was ultimately something that multiple template selections simply could not fix. It was too late, it was baked into the bread for companies that didn't build into their model scalable solutions (especially on the operations side of things). This is the sum-up... innovation doesn't just occur on the front-end (the client-facing side of things). It's systemic and if you haven't built adaptability into your core framework, then no matter your current level of introductory success, you're not destined to become the established, and trusted legacy provider.

What's Next In The Timeline

It's been several years and like all of the companies on this list (and the agents using the services as well), we've learned a lot about real estate data and homeowner/market prediction. One of the most important lessons we've learned (along with those listed above)? Never rest and don't be afraid to return to what works. Earlier, we mentioned that concepts like play and time are factors in how we came to rest in our position as the leader in real estate lead generation. But "play" denotes an inevitable return to work and that's just how we feel as we accept our recent award for top real estate predictive analytics solution.

If we haven't yet discussed your business and what our proven technologies can do for you (or if we've worked together in the past and you're interested in how we've grown and adapted to a proven track record for our agents), then it might be time to connect now. Be sure to reach out to one of our strategic business consultants today and discuss your business needs to see if we're a match. It's time to get the ball rolling again.

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