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Real Estate Agent Leads Don't Just Fall From The Sky

Ok, so let's be clear... they don't just fall from the sky, but if you're not getting a solid stream of leads sourced to you for your real estate business, then is definitely something you're going to want to look into. We'll get into that later, but for now, let's talk a little about agent leads... specifically, the multiple types of agent leads, and how they're identified, categorized and distributed exclusively as part of the lead generation solution. First, let's talk raw agent lead sources:

  • Your online sphere

  • Your offline sphere

  • Your farm

  • Your friends

  • Your famly

  • Your past clients

  • Your referrals

Okay, okay... so this is pretty granular (fairly obvious, even), but each lead source has an optimal lead conversion methodology associated with it. And really, the message we're trying to convey here is: if you're approaching each of these individual sources of agent leads the same (with the same conversion processes, no matter the source), then you're almost assuredly doing it wrong. Hey... a wrench can work as a hammer... it just might not produce the same effective results.

Don't worry though, offrs has collected and sourced many of the industry's top performing best practices and our leads for agents in the field are organized into stages along the lead conversion timeline. You can learn more about that here in our free lead conversion eBook, which not only demonstrates what has worked for agents across the nation, but goes into detail as to why (so that you have a better understanding of the thought process behind our suggested conversion techniques).

So Where Do They Come From?

So, if agent leads don't just fall from the sky, where do they source from? They're highlighted from the pool of leads you're working every day. Bear with us on this as there's an important distinction that needs to be understood here. In some of the sources you see above, agent leads are drawn in from outside your circle (those that you know or would eventually know over time). With this in mind, it is understandable to make the assumption that an agent "lead" is something new. But... leads have more to do with a window of time than they do contact info. What?

Okay, so let's break that down into something a bit easier to chew... as mentioned in previous articles we've posted, every property has (within reason) an owner and every homeowner(within reason) is eventually going to list the property for sale. So there are two ways to approach agent leads...

  • Expand your list: Seek to be in front of more people with the hopes of being there when they need your services.

  • Identify the motivated movers: Look for people that buying or selling within a frame of time that you can act upon.

The first is what most real estate agents do best... sort of a "firstest with the mostest" mentality. And that works (again, wrench-hammer). But all things being equal, if you had access to not only a list of names (homeowner residents in your farm) that have been prioritized by likelihood of listing their home within the next 6 to 12 months... you could really act on both fronts, getting in front of more people, sure... but in particular, getting in front of the most motivated people first. That last part is key, as we detail in this article here.

So that's it, really... lots and lots of top-tier homeowner data provided by multiple data providers, updated every few weeks for maximum accuracy as well as consistently-updated and tweaked proprietary mathematical models followed up with some good-old-fashioned detective work (a partnership with MLS and lots of teams/coffee) to review what is in-fact accurate and what isn't. Sure, it doesn't sound all that interesting (to most), but to us... the science is clear and to our agents, the results are life-saving! We love what we do! =)

Sure, But Where Do I Get Them?

Easy... The hard part is going to be changing your habits as an agent. Up until now, real estate agent leads meant door-knocking, Roladex (or Facebook) name collecting and lots and lots of calling. If so, keep up the great work! But if haven't yet connected with one of our business strategists to discuss what can do for you, then you're going to keep getting what you've always gotten. It's time to change the paradigm and start infusing agent leads into your sales pipeline. Call us now and get rolling on your business's growth potential.

A big thank you and shout out to ATTOM, one of our premiere data partners, for listing us as one of their key, big data disruptors for real estate!

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