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The Real Estate Lead Generator You Love

It's been nearly 5 years since first announced the vision of bringing predictive analytics technology to the real estate market, specifically to listing agents as a lead generator solution. Admittedly, there was a lot of question at first around what this could even look like. You've got data, then you've got updated data, then you've got multi-sourced and cross-checked data (to pick up lost elements from any given data generator), then you've got lead staging (data before, during and after a listing). But what does it all mean, where's the value-proposition and... how do you package this into something useful?

offrs hasn't become the most tried and true real estate lead generator because of any one of these factors individually, but instead, because we rock these factors collectively. Then throw in best practice training and stellar customer support to boot! We've said it before, but having the best generator isn't enough... we have to provide the best generator in the best way possible and, of course, continuously improve upon each and all of the factors mentioned. So, we actively seek out ways to improve across the board. That's how you stay on top and maintain the love of your movers and shakers in the field.

Multiple Points Of Quality Control

Our team is made up of leading generator technology, support, and RE pros and while we work together under a large umbrella here in Sarasota, FL, we maintain our nimble innovation standards (those that drove us to the top to start with). You see, QC (Quality Control or... "Quality Assurance" depending upon your industry background) isn't just about being humble enough to look for problems with the generator or even capable enough to identify them. Being able to address issues while moving forward (fixing issues that naturally pop up with the sort of disruptive, game-changing innovation that makes offrs what it is), requires a certain nimble mindset missing in many Fortune 500's.

Armed with the humility necessary to actively seek generator improvement (not just talk about it), the capabilities to address issues that come up in innovation and... the nimbleness to do so without stopping or even slowing the machine from delivering across the board... well, that's what makes offrs the leading source of lead gen for our industry. We're proud to have been an active part in shaping the market (at least in modeling it for our agents). But, our work is still cut out for us. As mentioned, our never-rest mentality is echoed from our top-performing agents (those that rely on us assuring the best home seller predictions on the market). So onward we go...

A Commitment Going Forward

Being a lead generator innovation company, we haven't always made perfect choices, but being nimble and data-driven, we've adjusted quickly to arrive back towards the best path forward. Like any explorer (exploring data-driven lead generation for agents in this case), it takes guts to set out into the unknown and be held responsible by all of the agents we carry onboard. Going off course will happen... it's part of the trek. But how quickly you do or do not course-correct... that's what makes all the difference in the world.

In this, we commit to continued innovation for our agents, but also to course-correct as often as we can (so that you remain on course for solid lead generation)! Don't have a solid source of leads in your inbox? Why would you... unless you've looked into and locked down an exclusive territory of your own, that is! Connect with us here and now. It's free and at very least, you'll know what predictive analytics technology means in real estate.

CRMLS users, check out our offrs CRMLS page.

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