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The Evolution Of Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

It wasn't long ago that when you discussed websites, you were actually talking about a landing page with a phone number on it. Okay... it was long ago. But the lesson is still there to learn: not all websites are the same or have the same value to a business. On the flipside of 2000, we saw Flash technology take over the known digital universe, then social media, then mobile, QR Codes and so on. So many ways to do the same thing... to interact.

There were some outliers in the mix, however. outliers in the sense that they maintained their promised value and did actually prove to monetize the information space. And that was Social Media. The only problem with this, however, was that it still only provided for larger enterprises that could afford the sorts of data and interaction tracking that comprised the value proposition (the ROI was only for those that could afford it - and it was costly).

Of course, as the technology matured (and proliferated), industry innovators like packaged the service, making it not only affordable (in the form of exclusively-licensed territories), but also more applicable to those working their residential services areas. This all comes full circle as we look at real estate lead generation websites... branded agent landing pages that work in concert with predictive analytics to source or vet home seller leads.

The Current State Of Lead Generation Websites

Right now, it's all about processing the information in concert (making adjustments to react to bad data as much as collecting new data and working that in to form a more accurate model at any given moment). This is where we sit with these websites... it's no longer alone in the world like a single hook in the pond, rather part of a larger strategy of coordinating, collecting, comparing and cross-examination.

Branded agent websites working on their behalf 24/7 for the generation of home sellers looking to sell in the next few months (way ahead of the curve), must themselves have access to solid information and must also have their say in the information collected from other sources. In the end, lead generation websites started small, inflated to grandiose states, but ultimately found their most efficacious deployment when in concert with other lead generation technologies. Basically... it was the bridges between the technologies that paved the path forward.

What Lead Generation Websites Looks Like Going Forward

There's still a lot to learn ahead, but these are exciting times. We've watched as our understanding of the impact of applied data in the RE market has changed the world around us, empowering small RE businesses across the country with predictive modeling capabilities and in-turn helping with their understanding of the regional housing market. Our lead generation websites are still in full effect, used by countless thousands of offrs agents around the country. What could this look like for your business? Maybe it's time to find out.

Lead nurturing is an integral part of a solid lead generation strategy. Be sure to watch this helpful offrs YouTube video here.

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