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How offrs Listing Leads Grow Your Business Exponentially

We've spoken quite a bit lately about the changing tide in real estate, particularly in how precious and coveted home seller leads are becoming, but as the industry becomes more and more populated due to a growing stream of inbound agents, the need for leads is an exponentially-growing one. To match this and to feed your business what it needs, you have two options... get more inbound leads or get qualified business intelligence on which of the leads you already have are the ones you can focus more intensely on.

offrs provides both of these in one swoop. New lead generation and insight on who is most likely to need your services first. But more, for agents like Robert Laing, who only recently signed up with offrs, the offrs lead generation service provides front-end growth (in the form of the above-mentioned lead gen and lead prioritization services), but also back-end growth from buyer-side opportunities afforded by the new-found and/or newly-obtained listing lead connections.

This is how offrs works for you... across the board. Sure, we're known for our state-of-the-art data access plans, built-in data scrubbing and predictive lead scoring, but it's not some list of names emailed over to you. Rather, it's a collection of homeowner data and data tools that enable you, the region's premiere agent brand, to connect with and provide your brand's services to the homeowners that need it the most... and more importantly... to the homeowners that need it the soonest.

Why Predicted Listing Leads Trump Traditional Ones

Let's be frank, predictive analytics is a popular concept, but fancy technology aside, it has a practical real-world impact on your business. So, why are predicted listing leads more valuable than traditionally-garnered ones? It's simple really... predicted listing leads are listing leads so, for the most part, they have the same characteristics (upsides or downsides) as traditional listing leads do. But predicted listing leads have further demonstrated qualifying actions that move them, at least on paper, further down the funnel.

And that's the goal, right? To identify as many new listing leads as possible while retaining as many existing listing lead contacts as possible and moving both over time down the lead conversion funnel until they are ready to pounce. So if one lead type automatically moves itself down the funnel, then you either save time, money or both. And this opens up new opportunities for your business... as you can keep the pace and grow (deeper or wider) or you can ease your time and investment and sustain.

Of course, every lead is its own entity, so we're generalizing here. But overall, it's easy to see how one lead source (nearly any traditionally-gathered lead) that is passively obtained requires several vetting steps to determine where on the conversion timeline they are and to decide which steps are needed next in their path to a home sale. But this whole time, we've been talking about lead conversion for your business's needs. But what about your clients and client prospects?

It's Not Just About You (Predicted Listing Leads Help Everyone)

Okay, so knowing just how motivated a home seller is can certainly help your business if you're looking for off-market listing leads well in advance of your competitors. It can also help your business if you've got a buyer lined up that is looking for off-market properties to snatch up ahead of the herd of buyers behind them. But as we've lightly skimmed over above, knowledge is power and a data-backed agent advocate is a powerful friend to have whether your a homeowner or a prospective homeowner.

Agents that have closed a healthy dose of listings over the years should be able to tell you the best approach to closing any given listing appointment based on insights garnered from the meeting they had with the potential client. Prior to the meeting, however, the insights become fewer and more reliant on generalized demographic assumptions as to what could motivate this buyer or seller. But how advantageous would it be to have a motivation scale (so to speak) in advance of even the coldest of outreach?

This is just an example of how the offrs predicted listing leads can work for you, leveraging the Smart Data scoring to adapt your sales strategy to match the likely timeline of, say, a home seller. If you know, for example, that a given set of 250 home sellers out of 2,500 for the immediate area have taken recent life actions that significantly match similar actions taken by people in this area that have sold their homes within a few months, then you can approach them differently in your conversion methodologies.

The Value Of Business Intelligence in Real Estate

This is all to day that business intelligence in real estate is not locked down in how it is applied to your business needs. It may be a bit cliche to say this, but when it comes to predictive listing leads, one size does fit all. In what world would an agent holding a list of 2,500 contacts for their area and having a $250 postcard budget (for example), not want to know which 250 homeowners on that list are the most likely to move within the next 6-12 months?

In this example, the hypothetical agent is limited by budget, but what about time? It's difficult to imagine any campaign blast not benefiting from the insights of who on the list are likely hotter leads and who on the list are likely colder leads. in fact, what's the point of having a hot or cold lead definition if you can't identify either who on a list of 2,500 homeowners are the most likely to move next or who on the list to treat as motivated sellers in your campaign messaging?

Just consider the value in skipping the "Are you thinking of moving?" warm-up and going right into "Here's the value proposition for listing with me..." due to your insight on this particular set of homeowners you're targeting with your brand outreach. There are countless reasons to know more about the farm you serve. It makes you more aware of opportunity, it makes you a more aware owner of your farm and competitive player in the battlefield (after all, you'll be the only one with updated movement maps).

The Value Of offrs Predicted Listing Leads

So, we mention a lot about the competitive advantage that offrs provides our users. We can say this with some pride as we're the only predictive lead generation provider in real estate that offrs exclusive territories to match the boundaries of your farm. That's right, we wall off ownership of a given area to make certain that you, and only you, maintain the competitive advantage that the offrs solution provides.

Of course, we have non-exclusive licensing plans as well, but being the only one with the updated map to where the increasingly scarce food remains has its advantages. However, we've seen hybrid partnerships form to utilize our service in various ways as well. Whether an agent team or a broker offering (where the broker provides the offrs solution as a global lead pool for the office), the offrs solution remains a dynamic tool that can be applied in nearly any scenario.

Two questions remain... what are you going to do with this data and where are you on your timeline to gaining the sole access to predicted home seller listing leads for your farm? If you don't know, here's your call to arms. Set up a demo today with our strategy specialists and discover for yourself what the future of lead generation (predicted listing leads) could look like for you and your team. If not now...?

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