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Top Real Estate Leads From The Top Real Estate Lead Generator

offrs continues to drive real results from the field as more and more agents become aware of the offrs real estate lead generator technology and begin to implement it into their daily operations. But perhaps more importantly, we're starting to see a balancing of new technologies like predictive lead generation with older, more traditional lead generation and lead conversion methodologies. This melding of old and new is very encouraging to the prospect of a stable market for real estate professionals in the coming years.

Why is this the case? Because for those agents that have already been utilizing the offrs predictive lead generator solution, it's just not something you want to turn off. Once you have inbound, vetted leads pouring in from outside your daily operations, you're not likely to turn away and go back to less leads. And more and more agents are discovering offrs each month. Coupled with an increasingly crowded market space, diminishing housing inventory and our exclusive licensing plans, the clock is indeed ticking.

The availability of exclusive data access (for the first agent that wants to own the neighborhood or region) makes this a first-come, first-serve scenario. Remember that some lead generation solutions only offer saturation plans. We say "saturation" because ultimately that's what it turns into. If the data your accessing is shared with all your farm's competitors... and it you're using the same marketing channel and similar template structure... then you're simply shouting in a crowd of other similar agents, hoping to stand out.

How To Stand Out In The Lead Generator Crowd

If offrs were to be in this same crowded scenario, it might be common to find us offering the same product... open-ended, saturated data (data that is provided at cost to individual agents, but delivered en mass to any agent in the area paying for it). So how many agents are we talking about? Who knows... could be one or could be hundreds. It just depends on who is paying and how in demand your farm is for leads. The sad thing about this, however, is that the bloodiest and most competitive of markets (where agents need a real estate lead generator the most), are the ones where this open-ended data is the most harming.

Why? Because not only are you getting leads that your competition also have access to... you're paying for it! Imagine paying your mortgage and having a key for your front door, but any given evening when you head home, you'll have no idea who else is in there with you making a mess for you to arrive home to. Not cool. But then again, for some, this may be the only way they can break into predictive listing leads as a service. This is why offrs provides both paths.

For the agent that is ready to truly own their farm, they can lock down a territory exclusively. No body bu you has access to our gathered, cross-checked and prioritized homeowner data (that is, our scoring algorithm which will highlight those on the list who are most likely to need your services to list their home in the next 6-12 months)! But for those that want to test the waters, they can access our new shared licensing plan which does open the territory to other agents working the area. The choice it yours.

A Proven Pattern Of Lead Generation Innovation

As you can see, we take on real estate technology innovation as a core passion. offrs has, for the last 5 years, continuously built upon, taken down, reworked and rebuilt all sorts of lead generation, lead marketing and lead conversion tools. It's been a vigorous 5 years and we've scaled to match our client needs. All the while, working hard on around-the-bend technologies that help our agents perform their best in a competitive market and continue to hold offrs up as a leader in the real estate lead generator space.

And indeed, there is plenty of room to grow here. our teams do still geek out on all of the things our staff is able to imagine, ideas and experiments in lead generation that push the bounds on how people connect in a crowded digital and real-world space. After all, it's not just real estate that sees this trend of increasingly diminished consumer attention span. It's across the board, across all industries. It's just a state of the world and being a part of that ourselves, we feel a special kinship towards helping form real connections.

So, what does tomorrow bring? Well, that's where it gets fun. Naturally, we're working on some real "back to the future" tech over here. The kinda stuff "Doc" would be proud of, but for now... it's all about the data. Because when you're looking for solutions that provide proven results for your real estate operation, you need something that'll start lifting its own weight on day one! But you've gotta move fast... set an appointment with one of our real estate listing leads specialists right now!

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