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The Drop You're Feeling... It May Not Be A Real Estate Leads Shortage

There's no shortage of real estate agents leads out in the market. You may be seeing less leads yourself, but this may be due to a larger pool of agents hitting the battlefield. That is, if you're seeing a dip in your business, it may be a sign of depleting housing inventory, sure. However, it may also be a sign of a growing level of competition in your territory. Either scenario isn't great (not for your business). But there's one statistic that may be your lighted path forward... 75% of homeowners will hire the first agent to knock on their door.

That's right. It doesn't matter much if you're 100th in line to knock on the door of a homeowner or if you're the second to do so. If you show up after someone else, after your competition... you've just lost the lion's share of the opportunity to nail the listing. So how does this stat work in your favor? Well, because we've got the tool that's going to highlight which homeowners in your neighborhood are most likely going to list their home for sale in the next 6 to 12 months. And we're offering it to you exclusively. What does this mean?

With offrs, You've Got Likely First Right Of Refusal

Unless your competition is lucky and just happens to blindly knock on that door before you, you've got the inside scoop with offrs Smart Leads. You'll know, for instance, that out of the 2,500 homes in your farm, these 250 right here at the top of the list, these are the homeowners that have shown significant signs of listing their home for sale in the coming months. This "first right of refusal" actionable intel is the value of quality real estate leads for agents working the data. But... again, if you're sitting on the intel, it's not going to do you any good.

This is the source of a lot of confusion in the discussion around data, particularly around exclusive data. let's say that you've got three leads in your hand and a friend says "Hey, I know all of those people very well... I'm telling you... that one right there... that person is definitely talking a lot about listing her home!" How valuable is that? Now, multiply that deck of leads by a factor of 1,000. Now you're holding in your hand 3,000 leads. It's fair to say that this is a daunting list to work. But here comes your friend and they lighten your load by marking the 300 they know are talking about listing.

This is just a fun little exercise, but not entirely unfamiliar, right? This is why offrs focuses our efforts on not only getting (and continuously updating) information around homeowners that may be looking to list their home, but also on qualifying those based on life actions they take which can signal their motivation levels. In this way, we save the homeowner's time from unnecessary calls and we save your time with the number of calls you've got to make in order to really work your farm. We use the farming metaphor quite a bit, but it works, doesn't it? Let's explore...

What If This Were Some Other Industry?

Let's say that it's your business to work a watermelon farm. It won't take much for your farm to flourish, but you have to get at least 10 watermelons a year in order to pay your bills and keep the farm. Seems easy enough, only problem is that lately there's been a watermelon disease going around and your neighbors growing watermelons have been discussing a sharp decline in the number of watermelons they're hauling in. All of a sudden, you're looking at your crop and seeing two losses... first, in the watermelons you might bring in this year. But also... your time.

That's right. Time is something you'll never get back and is arguably the most valuable commodity you'll ever own. You'll "spend" time in the effort to make more money and the only guarantee in that equation is the loss of time. So the smart farmer will say, if I'm going to spend time farming, I'm going to spend time farming on the crop that has the statistically-higher likelihood of delivering results from my effort. But what does that even look like? Watermelon predictions?!? Don't laugh... predictive analytics is driving industrial agriculture and it can drive your real estate business as well.

So What Does This Mean To Your Business?

What does large-scale predictive analytics look like in my small farm? Pretty much the same as its big agriculture counterpart... you pull in as much data as you can find and run mathematical models to help determine things like upcoming weather based on previous or current weather patterns and trends. This is what offrs does... offrs helps you see around the corner and determine not only which homeowners are the most likely to begin listing their home in the coming months, but also in building your model going forward.

After all, you've got COMP data that other COMPs just don't have... you know who's likely going to list ahead of the market. That's invaluable when it comes to a highly competitive market like ours. Think about it. If every agent working in your farm has access to the same home statistics as you, wouldn't it be advantageous for you to have, in addition to the data they have, additional predictive data that can help you and your clients better model trends in the neighborhood? This is the secret weapon that many offrs agents are just beginning to discover how to fully use.

You see, data is valuable. It is to you, to your clients and to the community in whole. We're seeing a strong push by our agents to leverage their newfound access to homeowner data in order to trade advertisements for coupons to local eateries and vendor service providers. Basically, offering coupons for local restaurants, coffee shops and the like in exchange for the exposure that such a campaign naturally brings to those local businesses. Pretty clever and very effective! From what we're hearing, local businesses love this sort of creative campaigning!

What kind of creative campaigning could you come up with when it comes to leveraging your offrs real estate data access? Well, that's up to you. But you're not alone. We've got hundreds of articles, best practices, statistics and insights on using the offrs real estate lead generation toolset to your advantage. Now, it's up to you to schedule an offrs lead generation demo and see for yourself what offrs seller lead generation could mean for your business this year. No more talking... it's time to move some properties! =)

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