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How Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Should Be Working For You

Is your real estate lead generator working for you? Not just to provide a list of hot real estate listing leads, but actually working them to verify the listing leads themselves are indeed ready to list within the next 12 months? If yes, we'll dive into the things that further push offrs ahead of the pack. But if no, then let's explore what it means to have top-tier real estate lead generation working day and night on your behalf. After all, if you're paying for one-off data, then you're just buying information (not ready-to-pop seller leads).

True grit real estate lead generation services work around the clock to continuously process raw (and fairly-ready) lead data to deliver as solid a lead as possible to you, the agent. And yet, most real estate lead generation websites don't pull their weight in this regard, delivering to you, single-pass homeowner information. So first and foremost, like any powerful processing operation, your real estate agent leads should be worked, worked and worked again. If they're not, then more weight is put on you to convert each lead.

How They Pass The Buck

As you can see, it's simply not enough to provide a list of names (that's what phone books do), for real estate lead generation services, you've got to provide clear insight on which homeowners are the highest priority. After all, your time and effort are of the utmost importance. And what's the easiest way to shave costs (and value)? To pass the buck on over to you and your team by having you do all of the heavy lifting. Frankly, that's just not going to work for us. Never has. What's the point of buying real estate seller leads if they're not selling?

And yet, that's where most real estate lead generation companies leave you... not at the door... not at the street... but somewhere in the city where a homeowner might be thinking of listing their home. The amount of work you and your team go through to further vet these leads is... well, is what you've likely considered the norm all these years. This is how (and why) offrs has continued to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to lead generation for real estate... because we just don't stop working for you, the agent in the field.

How offrs Works Listing Leads

The team here at offrs considers it our full-time duty to first gather the information that comprises real estate leads, to then compare all of that information to other information we've gathered on your behalf (that's right, we pull from multiple sources of homeowner and consumer information providers), to then apply our proprietary real estate predictive analytics algorithm (which highlights those that are most likely to list their homes in the next 12 months) and finally, to manually check to make sure our solution is performing as designed.

For lead generation real estate requires the best but it isn't enough to say you're the best... you've got to truly be the best. To deliver this, you've got to assess your weaknesses and work them. We've been working on our real estate lead generation services for over 5 years and we're proud of the agent leads we create for our clients. But we have seen our fair share of client partners fall behind and there's a common thread here that is worth reviewing. It's an industry-wide trend that seeps into the operations of even the most successful agents.

Dropping The Ball

We're going to discuss some hard points here, so brace yourself... agents are human. Yup. And with the human experience comes a certain threshold where one's personal goals never come to term. More often than not, it's the cost to reach those goals that often throws active agents off the bull. It's a misconception to think that a seller lead (any lead) is 100% ready to rock and roll. As mentioned earlier on, the best lead generator will be the one that gets you as close to the 0 yard line as possible. But the last few feet... that's all you, superstar.

This is partially by design. Because every lead opportunity isn't just for the immediate win, it's also about brand building over time. If we generate and close listings on your behalf, then it's our brand, not yours, that they'd know and trust. But this is where many agents drop the ball. It's clear, wide open and ready for the win... but like any 80/20 scenario, 80% of the players will lean towards waiting around for better passes, leaving legitimate, high-scoring hand-offs on the ground. Unfortunately, there's not much any lead gen company can do about this. =\

What Are You Willing To Do To Get High-Scoring Leads?

So, we've discussed lead generation, the companies providing the websites and services for lead generation, the standards not often met and the standards offrs sets for itself on behalf of the agents we serve (and to continue to lead the way amongst our industry partners and peers). But what are you willing to do to be a top player in the field? If you're a solid networker (it is, after all a relationship business) and you're putting your hard-earned marketing dollars to work for your brand, then why waste effort by shotgunning a neighborhood just once? It's time for Smart Leads.

This is one of many strengths with offrs when it comes to lead generation for real estate agents... we can help you target the 10% of active, highly-motivated home sellers, allowing you to push your messaging multiple times within the same budget you've been blanketing them with only once. With offrs, you can multi-touch across multiple marketing channels with the same budget or a wider swathe of territory. Pretty cool, huh? Do yourself a favor and set up a demo with one of our specialists today. Are you ready to work a solid stream of inbound seller leads? Then let's do this!

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