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Lead Generation - Real Estate Want & Real Estate Need

Cold-calls, referrals, past clients... wherever you get your business, you're going to want a steady and consistent source of lead generation. Real estate as a market is already a dynamic battleground and the role of an agent is to navigate this field on behalf of the clients being served. With this being the case, the last thing you want is to spend your mornings, afternoons and evenings scouring the real and digital worlds alike for leads, but the last thing you need is to find yourself out in the cold without real estate seller leads for next year (or week). And yet, this exact situation is pretty much the agent's daily routine... wake up panicked, panic throughout the day and go to bed panicked about tomorrow. There is a way out of this downward spiral... it's real estate predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics is a relatively new source of qualified real estate agent leads that takes advantage of significant incoming data, historical data going back decades and the latest gen AI-driven algorithms to help highlight which homeowner leads are most likely to flip over into actual real estate seller leads. Predicted leads not only provide insight into homeowner motivations, they provide a new channel in lead generation for real estate agents, allowing them to focus their daily efforts on the systems and operations they've been employing from their business' start. in this way, predictive analytics is one of the most significant and game-changing real estate lead generator tools to hit our industry. And the engine works.

Getting You To Where You Need To Be

Real estate lead generation websites aren't a new invention (not after 20 years) and real estate lead generation services (as a sub-vertical) go back even further with roles like transaction coordinators and marketing assistants to help keep inbound sales pipelines flowing by taking on some lead gen and lead conversion tasks. But dedicated real estate lead generation requires 24/7 crunching - processing of potential leads into the top of the funnel pipeline, vetting through the middle of the funnel and setting your brand up for the shot at the bottom of the funnel. If this is all familiar in concept but not familiar in practice, then you're not where you need to be. And while your business may be okay, the upcoming market tides are going to rock the boat, leaving those on the edge out of luck with diminishing housing inventory.

At the top of any race, you'll benefit from being in pole position (at the head of the pack when the race begins). And that's what we're talking about here... because when it comes to seller leads, it's a winner take all scenario. In fact, seventy-five percent of listing leads are gained by the agent that gets to the door first. But getting from the back to the head of the pack means setting yourself up ahead of time. The right mindset, the right approach and, of course, the right tools. Real estate listing leads require business intelligence and the future insights it provides. However, we've only discussed how real estate leads benefit your business and keep your operation running smooth. What about the homeowner experience? After all... any positive or negative experience is likely permanently attached to your brand going forward.

Providing The Homeseller Experience They Need

Okay, so when we think of real estate lead generation companies, we're likely focusing in on the immediate inbound effects that generated leads have on our business, not the longer-lasting impact they can have on our brand's integrity, but let's break it down. Let's say that a homeowner has 10 agents working their area. All of them have access to MLS listings, regional and national market data, neighborhood COMPs and even shared referrals that connect them to the agents. Then your brand comes into the mix and already, you're back of the line. The single, most important role that a modern agent performs is to be a client advocate and to make a transaction move along smoothly in the favor of their client. In this environment, information is king.

Not only does offrs feed qualified, vetted leads into your sales pipeline, it arms you with trends and timelines that can help you build a more complete picture of the local market for your clients and help your team better match your services to the lead conversion stage they're currently in. At the front end, this looks like you showing up with better intel on the market and a not-too-soft, not-too-firm handshake when it comes to your opening lead conversion approach. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but in the big picture, these little things add up to better numbers across the board and over time. This isn't to say you don't see immediate results. Time and time again, we see offrs agents sign up and land hot leads from the offrs solution... it's just that lead gen offers so much on so many levels.

Why Aren't There More Lead Gen Companies in RE

With all of this at stake, you'd think there'd be more companies in the weight class of, but this just isn't the case. Sure, there are countless sources of lead generation for real estate agents out there, but as we've mentioned before, the definition of a lead varies quite dramatically and the materials and sources used to "generate" the lead have a long way to go before they approach the offrs solution. We're proud of the lead generation machine we've built but we're also humbly aware of our obligation to continue to innovate and simply be better at what we do. We've pushed the bounds year over year in both technologies developed and methodologies employed (for use by our clients in lead conversion or by our employees to better our own client experience for you, the agent).

But, you're going to have to take the reigns on this. Like anything else, it's yours to gain and yours to lose. Because we provide our real estate business intelligence solutions exclusively to the first agent or broker to sign up, it is, once again, a first-come, first-serve scenario. The question is, are you going to find out if your territory is available? Because if it isn't, then someone's already got the goods. Good news is that we can find another territory nearby for you. Either way, you'll want to see what the future of real estate looks like and you can do so by setting up a live demo with one of our lead conversion strategists today. Go on... it's time. Are you keeping up with RE lead generation news? Follow along on the offrs LinkedIn page.

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