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It's All About The RELL (Real Estate Listing Leads)

There's a bad habit that's circulated year after year and decade after decade within the real estate industry... it's the acceptance of the grind to the point that it's become the norm. Remember back when you landed your license? The joy at the prospect of the extra spending cash and/or freedom of schedule you'd finally have (we'll let the laughter subside a bit). There is still truth to these. Okay, like anything in life, they're not just handed to you (not all the time). You'll get an amazing close out of the blue, but then crickets for the next two months. It's the norm, right? Real estate lilsting leads are the changing factor in this downward spiral.

Anything you put in place has to have a long-play factor. That's not to say that it can't also be rewarding in the short term, this is not only possible but should be aimed for too. It's just that your priority should always lean towards longterm wins. Why? Well, as any parent will tell you, you'll figure out how to make it to the weekend, it's the braces, the car, schooling and... oh yeah, your retirement and family security that you need to plan ahead. Don't worry, we're not going to leave you hanging. As mentioned, a solid strategy is going to put into play both a long-term and short-term strategy... including around lead generation real estate runs on it. First, we have to get you on board with the long-play.

Why The Long-Play Has Priority Over The Week-To-Week Run

Assuming that you have a sustain and grow strategy that has both long and short-term tracks, the long-term strategy should be designed to take lead. This is because any long-term rollout is going to eat valuable resources (while hopefully delivering significant growth over time). The loss of these resources (time and money, for the most part) can be offset with your short-term strategy if you properly plan for it in advance. This is an important point to take down... you can plan in advance a longterm real estate lead generator that works for you in the background while you work the short-term weekend-to-weekend play.

In fact, there's nothing new about this. It's how most of the top performers got to their spot. It wasn't necessarily time, money or luck (although, yes... any of these would help at any stage). It was developing and employing real estate lead generation websites and/or other systems (multiple systems if possible) that can run in the background while you work the foreground. Once you have these in place, then you're playing multi-level chess against your competition in the area. If, however, you're trying to build and work the short and long-term strategies side-by-side, you're going to have a steeper uphill climb to the top.

Prepping To Build And operate The ultimate Lead-Driven Business

As mentioned above, short-term strategy is probably something you've mastered by now (if not by plan, then by necessity). So we'll save that for another day. For now, let's zoom in on how to first design, then build out your long-term lead generation and conversion strategy. First, you're going to want to make certain that your daily ops are covered (that your week-to-week business is down pat and that you have enough listing leads to build out - if not, that's okay, we can help there too). Doesn't have to be perfect (yet), just at a good pace while you work to build your lead generation pipeline. When you've got plateau grounds to work with, you're now going to want to widen your inbound lead pipeline (Top Of Funnel).

For most people, this will seem both obvious and problematic. There is, after all, a fine balance to strike between widening your swathe of inbound seller leads, working within your budget and working within your operational capacity. But let's design the plane to fly, even though we're doing so on the ground. In more direct speak... you don't design your ultimate automated lead generation system to work on the number of real estate leads you're already working with or capable of working with now. Instead, you're looking to build the ultimate machine. And the ultimate machine is built to handle and deliver more real estate seller leads.

The Secret To Real Estate Growth Is Automation

More is usually better when it comes to business, but not if the machine making it possible goes haywire and pulls resources from your bread and butter daily ops. This is where staged automation (Middle Of Funnel) churn comes in. It's not difficult to imagine that if you had clones of yourself, your business would assuredly grow. You may have actually said so at some point in the past. Well, the time has come. Maybe not for clones, but for real estate automation (and real estate predictive analytics). It's here and it is a fantastic long-term (and short-term) resource. Why? Because the majority of your long-term lead generation for real estate and conversion deals with data.

While your short-term strategy is, let's be real, chasing wet cats, your long-term play is farming and farming is a whole lot of small motions over time... perfect for basic automation while keeping the core interactions human and brand-centric. That is, the way automation works best is to deploy it in the small actions over time with more in-person meetings and phone calls to keep the trust and connection solid. Without automation, you'll need staff (in-house or outsourced) and this is going to be cost-prohibitive for most SMB real estate operations. But real estate automation without real estate lead generation is a racing machine without fuel.

Choose Your Real Estate Automation Tools

Some good news for you... you've got a wide selection of automation tools and real estate lead generation services available at your disposal and of course, multiple real estate lead generation companies to choose from. That said, we'd be remiss if we didn't focus in on the one lead generation and automation tool designed, built and proven to deliver all of the above... offrs. Okay, so it's not a huge reveal, but by now, you should see the value proposition we're laying out. offrs core real estate lead generation services were created by a real estate agent/broker and a mathematician... plus a whole bunch of other talented folks that make offrs really stand out (like their editorial staff)! =)

We could go into all of the automation tools, their strengths, weaknesses, costs and track record of delivered real estate agent leads, but in short... offrs covers the field of deliverable services in one turnkey solution, delivers the best and most consistent results in each category and does so at an accessible price designed to work within an agent's budget. If you want to see how offrs' lead generation for real estate agents could work in your operation, then you're going to want to arrange an offrs demo with one of our team members. It's time to automate your life and gain back time in your day or more cash in your pocket, all-the-while growing your business. It's doable... but you've got to jump in and start the ball rolling. Let's do this!

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