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The Human Story Behind Real Estate Lead Generation

Real estate lead generation may not always have been the key topic for agents, but that's not the case anymore. With the recent NAR Report showcasing many of the fears agents have come to recognize as daily obstacles, what was once a disturbing trend has become the new state of affairs to deal with. What we're talking about here, is diminishing inventory and closing rates with increasing competitors and competitive services. As the top real estate lead generator, offrs is well aware of the impact services like ours have on the industry. The good news is that the impact we have is geared in favor of agents hunting listing opportunities and real estate lead generation services. And this is how real estate lead generation companies differ... all those numbers... they're people... they're connections.

While most will focus only on the mathematical points of lead gen, offrs has, since its founding in 2013, focused in on agent and homeowner experience, seeking to bridge the gap and connect homeowners who may not have the time, expertise or comfort level to reach out to professionals who make it their job to guide clients towards a successful listing. That is to say, offrs doesn't just view seller leads as leads, but as life-long customers... partners in what can be the most important and financially-impacting transaction of someone's life. Of course, we've designed, built and maintained the most powerful real estate predictive analytics solution out there and provide the best lead generation for real estate agents... it's just that, in the end... we know it's a relationship business.

Real Estate Marketing Tools Of The Trade

Real estate lead generation websites aren't the only tool of the trade and we know that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to marketing and lead generation for real estate. But few of these services integrate tightly with the others and as offrs continues to pour development resources into the tools for lead generation real estate pros are discovering that we mean it when we say all-in-one lead generation. Real estate listing leads change over time and garnering quality, vetted leads requires not only a deep understanding of the human story behind the numbers (the sort of life decisions that drive a homeowner towards considering the sale of their most valuable asset), but a deep understanding of the threads that connect homeowners at this stage of their life and the agents seeking to help them.

This is why offrs continues to innovate the tools that identify and help convert real estate seller leads. Because lead generation for real estate is a moving target and keeping the same set of tools we developed years back, just won't make the grade. In fact, offrs has whittled down most of the friction that prevents an active agent from landing the coveted listing contract. Unlike other real estate lead generation companies, we provide cross-referenced data from multiple, top-tier data suppliers and exclusively license that to our agents at a fraction of the cost they'd be able to purchase it at. We then have a program that spreads the cost of this highly-sought-after, cross-referenced data across a semi-annual or annual contract. Then we update this data every few weeks. This alone, is worth it's weight in gold. But we're just getting started...

The Power Of offrs Lead Generation

Most service providers stop there, and yes, that would be a good start for you (certainly better than the phone book, right?)... but those aren't quality real estate leads. Not yet. So we'll provide this to you because we all know that any lead is a good lead and you should be calling everyone back if you can. But we then run this list through our proprietary predictive analytics engine, an artificial intelligence solution we built just for you, the agent, working to connecting with leads in your neighborhoods across the country. This custom, data-crunching machine takes this list and runs over 200 points of data for each of the homeowners on the list and scores them against all of the other homeowners on the list to highlight which are more likely to list their home in the coming months.

Now you have the best contact information for potential home sellers in your neighborhood on a prioritized contact list, updated every few weeks and spread out payment-wise across the length of your data contract. But what if we could provide for you branded Smart Sites which work to passively generate listing leads day and night, automatically feeding organic leads into your offrs lead generation engine throughout the day. Now we're talking serious, quantitative real estate agent leads. This is the power of offrs lead gen. But if this tool isn't in your hands right now, then whose hands is it in? Because at the end of the day, offrs provides this data and these services exclusively to the first agent to lock down the neighborhood or region. If not you... then who has exclusive access to this list of motivated homeowners in your area?

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