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What Are Real Estate Listing Leads (To offrs)?

In short... everything. While you and your brand are working the game, real estate listing leads are the cards you're dealt. And it's safe to say, that up to now, you've likely assumed that listing leads were a luck-of-the-draw kind of asset. But, with the creation of real estate predictive analytics, the game is changing and you might just be left holding your pick of the cards this next round. Okay, so card-games and cute metaphors aside, we're going to take a look at non-random nature of these next-gen seller leads and what this opportunity might mean for your business, your brand and your future in the industry. Times are changing, but this is the peek around the corner...

Changes To The Game Of Real Estate

Real estate lead generation has, for the last century, largely depended on manual labor (staff and hours). This too has been an unchanging equation and minus the occasional, lucky walk-in opportunity, many small business owners would have to make a day-by-day decision as to whether or not to dig for new leads, sift the ones from yesterday or work the ones they've got in hand. However, since the qualification of leads can be quantified (offrs uses over 15 data providers and over 200 points of consumer data to qualify the leads we provide), the process of locating new real estate leads and vetting the ones you've found can be handed over to offrs, leaving you or your team to the important task of lead conversion.

This Doesn't mean Dropping The Ball

It's important to note that while offrs can pick up a significant portion of the weight from your operations, this isn't a small undertaking... and it's also not something we treat lightly. We understand the importance of lead generation for real estate... after all, the industry runs on it. But, as the leading real estate lead generator, we not only defined the role of predictive analytics in our industry... we're still defining it. And if you hear about lead generation without multiple levels of follow-up lead qualification, then you're not dealing with qualified real estate lead generation services. offrs works in cyclical fashion, sifting through the same leads in hundreds of passes every few weeks in order to make sure your leads are ready for you.

Pushing Your Brand Ahead

What does this all lead up to? Stronger relationships with your leads and frankly, more of them. Because, the secret to breaking the ceiling on your business's potential going forward, the secret to outlasting your competition and remaining in the coming game ahead is real estate automation. It's not about doing the work for you and your brand, it's about freeing your operational capacity to expand your farm and/or weather the storms ahead. It's about giving your business the breathing room to push forward and ahead of those in your area that are throwing money against your legacy. And how does offrs do this? How does offrs make sure that your brand is holding the best card in play?


offrs provides our data licensing program exclusively to the first agent or agent partners that are looking to own their region and who lock down their territory with us. And, if exclusively licensing your farm isn't in your cards (sorry, we couldn't resist), then we have other licensing programs that you may be interested in. The key here is that with offrs lead generation real estate agents have a hand in the big data game that's unfolding before our eyes. You no longer have to hear about larger entities steamrolling your neighborhood, leaving you outgunned and/or out-spent. offrs not only has the best real estate agent leads available on the market, but we've also created tools and programs to make them more-easily integrated into your business.

We've Got The Goods

When it comes to real estate lead generation companies, offrs as a culture employs small business nimbleness with enterprise-level momentum. Our growing team of engineers, developers, product and support specialists all live each and every day with the purpose of delivering the highest quality connections for our clients. Our team knows that lead generation for real estate agents is often times a sink-or-swim decision and isn't something that's taken lightly. We also work within a mindset of humility and know that it's not just the active measures that deliver, but the passive ones as well. This is why we also put into play our Smart Sites (passive, real estate lead generation websites) that work for you around the clock.

Do You?

So let's get down to it... you now know the state of our industry. With industry-wide stressors and agents scrambling to hold their ground, come new opportunities to gain the ground that your competitor once held. So whether you're looking to hold fast and stay in the game going forward, or looking to take advantage of the shifting competitive landscape, this is the time to act. If you've seen offrs in the past, but aren't familiar with the massive growth we've undertaken recently, then be sure to connect with us again. If you haven't heard about the many ways in which offrs drives real estate seller leads into your inbound lead conversion processes, then it's time to get in the game. Schedule a live demo here.

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