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offrs Real Estate Leads: The Path Ahead

Sometimes the best lessons are told in parables... fun, short tales that help us relate at a more human-level (as opposed to espousing the stats again and again). So let's play a little and tell a story (your future story) of success. A journey from the wild jungle that is our competitive industry, through to a vast farmland valley beyond where you can comfortably root your business and gain a secure future in real estate. Without getting too whimsical, let's try for a one-for-one telling of the sorts of obstacles you face nearly every day as an agent in the field. Hopefully, our little story will help highlight that your success in real estate will ultimately be paved with small actions over time and making the right choice when the right opportunity comes across your path. And, here we go...

You're The Lost Hero In This Tale

In our story here, you're going to be the hero. Why not... it is after all about you (whether in yarn or in reality - we've got your back). But after all is said and done, you'll have to be the one to take it in and connect the dots between the hero's successful journey through the unknown and your own (not-so-subtle) journey towards success. So, our hero is just a regular jane/joe and their trek to safe farming ahead, like yours (most likely), begins with the first step outside their own familiar world and into the promising but unknown field of... real estate. We'll call that the dark forest ahead that leads to the farmlands beyond. Okay, so let's go back to your start in real estate... whether you wandered into the industry or whether it was a journey you planned in advance, you're now in the thick of it here and now. But those first few nights, looking around at the world you chose to venture into, you likely noticed that many of the familiar things you once knew to be your home were no longer there. You were now deep inside some fairly unfamiliar territory and as those first few nights closed in, you became increasingly hungry, cold and worried. First, some load-lightening news... this world around you now isn't unfriendly... just new and unknown. You just had some planning to do...

Hard Knocks

The first few months in real estate must have been tough. No map to guide you, no light to comfort you and only promises of success to nibble on and keep you going (this is how most agents enter into the market - and it's a cold, hard reality). You certainly couldn't go back home and admit that this journey wasn't going to be what you thought it was - that social media, flyers and yard signs only achieve so much for so long. So you stuck it through... and by the first sign of light in the morning (a few months into your new career path), you realized that you could do this... and you survived. Unfortunately, but not devastatingly, that's exactly what you did... you survived. However, unlike others you saw around you, seemingly happy with their meager lot in this strange, new world, you still sought more. You didn't want to just survive nights like these... you wanted to grow and feel comfortable in a stable environment with enough bounty earned through your hard labor to outlast 10 winters back-to-back. So, like the adventurer and hero you are... you kept pressing forward.

The Company You Keep

Time went on... and on... and you met others along your path. You learned, sometimes the hard way, that as with any epic journey, success in real estate is about the friends (client and agent networks) you make along the way and the habits you pick up (or choose not to pick up) along the way. Sometimes, the promise of a shortcut would pull you off your journey, wasting your time, your food and/or your chances of reaching your goals - there are plenty of those (good intentions or not). But just as often, a trusted referral would land in your lap and fuel your business with reinvigorated energy (and operational funding). For our story, this is more about learning to spot which friends are capable and truly care enough to help you reach your story's ultimate goal... because everyone along your journey is hungry and you're going to have to learn about prioritizing your council and resources along the way. Ultimately, you'll find that it was balance that delivered a steady and sustainable pace. It won't be jumping on each and every opportunity that gets you through to your goals and neither will it be ignoring every opportunity that could carry you some distance to your vision. Being smart about your choice of tools and friends while maintaining a bit of humble opportunism... this is the sweet spot for a comfortable journey towards your life-long goal of personal security and business success.

A Pattern On The Path

Of all the interesting characters you've met along the way, the quietest begins to form where you least expected it... under your feet. You wander forward, not lost, but still... with your arms extended into the dark ahead (as you've always done). You've now become increasingly aware of a strange pattern along the way. Visible only to the most vetted of agents (those who now know how to survive and survive well). This forming path is real estate lead generation - something you've heard of echoing in the forest around for the last few nights and its becoming so clear now that there is no way this trail, this sign pointing the way ahead of you could ever be a mistake of chance. And, to your delight, the now impossible-to-ignore trail does seem to head in the right direction - it's a path towards your goal. Such paths, you hear, are provided by trusted guides, trailblazing the path ahead for journeyers like yourself. You've heard that those who follow them, reach their goals more quickly and survive the nights more comfortably. But, in what you've come to know as the cold, hard and yet predictable world around, you're frightened to make the wrong move. It's different... trusted... proven... rare... but different than what you know. And here we are...

A Bad Storyteller Perhaps - But The Best Lead Generator!

Okay, so this may not be the conclusion you've been waiting for, but it's a fun one... because you (our hero, remember?) get to decide what happens next. A sort of "Choose Your Own Adventure" ending. Why not? =) We did say that you'd be the one that would have to connect the dots and conclude our hero's journey to success. So... the choice is yours (it always is and it always was)... do you trek on through the darkened forest ahead, stumbling through night after night, doing what you've always done? Or do you follow the path of those that have made the journey ahead of you, those trusted fellows that have seen what is around the bend to come? You see, your journey into real estate started out with a spirit of adventurism. Almost immediately, reality hit and those like you (those that learned to survive this business) often did so on a day-by-day basis with occasional spurts of luck or earned reward. And while you have tried various tools, systems, and best practices, many likely failed to meet your expectations and deliver results. That said, you know that you cannot simply ignore every opportunity that comes before you... all business involves inherent risk, especially when dealing with the delicate and multi-faceted housing market. Taking no risk means setting up camp in our story's proverbial forest and giving up on your journey.

Where Do You Go From Here?

But here and now, with real estate predictive analytics, a real estate lead generator working around the clock to highlight real estate listing leads around the bend, the question you have to ask is... are you good with how you've been surviving? Or do you want to explore the opportunity presented before your feet... a map to your ultimate goal that could lighten your load and help assure your arrival. In our cute little tale, we never spoke of one of the most influential elements (largely because we wanted to keep it light and short), but your competition is a significant driver in your life, right? There are, after all, only so many motivate home seller leads in your territories. You're not the only one along this path and there are (as you know) those actively working to not only to get to your goal first but to keep you from getting there at all. They'll try and out-smart you or simply out-spend you. They'll swoop in wherever they can to get the best listing leads and... really, we can't really blame them, right? Because... we're them too. We can, however, push hard and fast toward our goal - keep our eyes on the prize and look for opportunities like the latest in lead generation technologies that can boost our listing lead success or help keep our marketing dollars in check for the long haul ahead. Either way, the choice is yours. Now's the time.

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