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What Defines The Best Listing Leads In RE?

This is an important question that can (and often does) get lost in conversations regarding lead generation for real estate. "More" listing leads doesn't necessarily translate into "better" listing leads. And, while either (individually) might be of more use to any given agent in their business, there is a best-case scenario in real estate lead generation. For instance, offrs provides both a larger quantity of leads and a deeper quality of leads. And in this, "more" is definitely "better," right? Because you get to choose which aspect of these real estate leads you the most value (and at any given moment of their deployment). Let's dive into this a little, because, as mentioned above, this important distinction isn't often discussed and when it comes to lead generation real estate requires every inch of advantage possible.

Flexible-Use, Powerful Deployment

So how does having the best of both worlds (having a higher number of better real estate seller leads) give you more options? Well, as most agents know, campaign goals drive campaign strategies. Sometimes a marketing campaign that's targeting homeowners looking to list will focus in a wider swath of homeowners with a lighter, more introductory call-to-action. This top-of-funnel, blanket marketing would largely benefit from a higher quantity of seller leads. Then, we have an action-driven campaign which might drive homeowners (presumably the same ones, later down the lead conversion timeline) to take a specific action. This type of middle-of-funnel campaign would benefit more from highly-qualified homeowner leads, saving marketing dollars from being thrown at a large, likely unmotivated group of recipients.

Why This Matters

In this simple, yet real-world example, we can already see that two separate, core real estate lead generation services provide services that can vary quite dramatically in terms of practical utility. And the tough truth is there isn't necessarily a clear way to determine which might be best for your own SMB entity. Knowing which one might be best for you would require an intimate understanding of your core business, your future opportunities as well as the shifting sands between. You won't know, for example, when that big listing will actually close and when those marketing funds will be available to make that big push you've been planning. This is all to say, that having the best of both worlds at all times, gives you both flexibility in when and how you employ your seller leads, without watering down their utility.

Is the Either Or Approach Intentional

Well, as the head-of-the-class among real estate lead generation companies, we are naturally biased towards continuous innovation and service. So, while we can't rule out that an either/or approach to the highlighting and vetting of real estate agent leads by other lead generation companies is, in fact, limited by capacity or even design, we can say that our game-changing, lead generation for real estate agents is. That is, we know that the next stage after purchasing access to this data is a dynamic race to recoup the return from the transaction. If you're licensing data that doesn't provide a wide range of practical, street-campaign-level usibility, then you're limiting your options as they come about up and around the corner ahead. And ultimately, that's what data is (at its core), a tool to overt obstacles and take advantage of opportunities.

The Many Facets Of Listing Leads

So, above, we've laid out just a few of the fairly-common-sense facets to real estate listing leads, but it makes sense why we'd lose sight of these... a sort of forest for the trees scenario. The fact is, that real estate lead generation websites like offrs have grown in scope and capability (in how wide and deep they can sift through the vast quantity of homeowner data and deliver quality information that can help match you to an ideal client). Well, lead generation sites like offrs, but not all of them. As the leading real estate lead generator, offrs has always had a lead on technologies like real estate predictive analytics, the technology that stood us up ahead of the pack back in 2013. But that lead wasn't inherent and each and every day, we continue to press forward to design, develop, test and maintain innovations in real estate technology that define the race for excellence in our industry.

Where Do You Fit In On This?

Aside from being the one that funds this venture (yes, we know that you make this possible), it is your brand that benefits, specifically. We need you and your brand to be the closer. And while we work on a data licensing plan (not dipping into your commission at any level), our success depends on your success. We can provide all of the leads and we can even help filter your leads through multiple stages of technology-based and more-manual-based qualifiers, but... if you don't accept them... and work to build a relationship with your leads, then they will inevitably search out your competitors (or be found by them) and we'll both watch as they list with someone else. Sadly, this is something we see. The good news is that this isn't always the case (80/20, right)? So... what are you going to do (right now) to take advantage of our program? Set up your demo today and see what we can do for you.

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