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What Does A Quality Real Estate Lead Generator Do?

Most real estate lead generation websites don't deliver the quality and quantity of real estate listing leads that offrs does. So it's forgivable to ask, even in this day and age... what are listing leads and more importantly what are the standards that qualify a company to boast being top-of-the-class in lead generation for real estate. Unfortunately, there is no written industry standard (other than best practices, which offrs strives hard to commit our industry to), but, as the top provider of lead generation for real estate, we have helped to redefine those standards. In short, a top-tier real estate lead generation companies will provide you with:

  • Contact Info: It seems fairly common sense to provide this at least, but you'd be surprised how many lead generation companies will pull data from one source (like county records for the area) and stop here. But offrs pulls from up to 20 of the top consumer data providers. So we'll give you what the other "lead generators" provide, plus a whole lot more. Why limit your access to one email address, when you can have three of the last known addresses?
  • Background Info: Sifting through public records again, where most lead generators stop, won't provide you with valuable data such as social handles or influences. offrs works hard to connect the right agent to the right homeowner and knowing how to reach out and build solid relationships is key to a successful partnership! As the leading real estate lead generator, we provide you with valuable social and economic information, so you can adjust your approach to connecting with your new seller leads.
  • Data Updates: What use is a name, phone number or email address from 1987? About as much use as the same info from 2017... which is why offrs cycles through all of the available data every few weeks, in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible. Again, makes sense... but when you're a bottom-tier "lead generator" you're likely looking to cut corners wherever you can. offrs doesn't cut corners. While bad data happens, you can expect weekly update checks on the data we provide you and your team!
  • Data Scrubbing: You won't hear about it from most lead generation services, but there is bad data out there. Nothing nefarious... people move, change last names and swap numbers or email addresses quite often. But your time is valuable and offrs works to save you from spending that precious time sifting through lists of out-dated data. As mentioned, we partially source our data from multiple, top-tier providers. We then cross-compare the lead data among the providers to scrub out data that's likely no longer correct.
  • Motivation Scoring: offrs was a pioneer in the field of real estate predictive analytics, bringing to our industry, state-of-the-art predictive technologies to help see around the bend 6-12 months and highlight which homeowners in nearly any neighborhood are the ones most motivated to list their home. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that when we provide all of these names to you, we also highlight and prioritize which on the list are the ones you'll likely want to work first!
  • Manual Verification: As part of our own internal data check, we'll test our vendor data manually by reaching out to some of the homeowner contacts found on the lists we provide. Without mentioning your brand, we'll attempt to connect with them manually and on our own dollar in order to help assure that you are indeed getting the best data available. This is just a small part of the offrs difference and when it comes to providing you with the best service possible in lead generation... it counts!
  • Touch Tracking: While the offrs platform is primarily designed to integrate (and integrate smoothly) with your existing CRM, we understand that you may not need (or even like) your existing CRM, so we provide a basic CRM that you can use (or not) in order to track the touches you or your team have made with your leads as you seek to convert them over time. In addition to tracking, we provide stats, charts and lead routing tools for those managers or teams working the offrs leads together with more than two agents.
  • Quality Assurance: Since our founding, offrs has had a policy of implementing an annual audit of our solutions' efficacies. Each year, we employ data auditors both internally and externally to run our predictions and real estate lead generation services against now-known real estate transaction data and general housing market trends. In this endeavor, we are proud to continue to hold a 70% or higher national average accuracy in our listing leads predictions and services!

Getting The Most Value Possible From Your Lead Generator

As you can see, real estate seller leads aren't just something you find, they're found, processed, processed, again and again, qualified, tracked and looked back on after the sale (to help make sure that the system is working as designed). And that's the key... a system. When it comes to lead generation real estate requires multiple processes to produce quality listing leads. This is the difference between your business leaning heavily on a muddy rock being actual gold and a heavy chink of polished gold in your hand. Because if there's one thing you don't need... it's to bank on unknowns. With offrs leads, you know that you're getting the best available data, scrubbed and vetted wherever possible, and QC'd by a team of data experts to help make sure that your trusted source of real estate agent leads is giving you the most value for your investment.

Lead Generation: It's About Saving Time

Real estate lead generation is no new thing and it certainly doesn't require automation or technology to function. But as we mention above, automation (when properly placed in-line in your operations) can significantly improve upon functional, but dated systems. You'll hear the word farming pop up a lot in real estate and it's a fitting metaphor, so we'll stick with it here as well. Just as in farming, you can employ time-old solutions and approaches to tending your farm. You can walk the rows of crop, tending each stalk one by one... and there's a lot to this that makes sense when it comes to really know your farm. But with certain activities, a tractor will make more sense. And these days, at the industrial level, tractors utilize the latest in GPS navigation, dispersed sensors and so on in order to assure not only a larger and often more-quality yield... but time saved.

Saving Time Translates To Better Relationships

It might appear somewhat counter-intuitive at first to say that automation can help you build better and more human relationships, but this is exactly why we provide you with as many automated lead conversion tools possible and why we seek to make them as seamless as possible while also providing you with the best and latest lead conversion practices possible. Think about it... if you have a full plate with emails correspondences, researching, creating and sharing COMPs, driving across town for appointments, open houses, then driving all over the county to place, then back again to pull signs... where in this bruhaha do you get an opportunity to cold market potential real estate leads, let alone convert warm or even hot leads? Let automation cover the areas that pull you away from personal contact with your leads. Let automation give you more time with your leads.

offrs: The Best Real Estate Lead Generator Available

Okay, okay... so we're obviously biased. But being the best wasn't entirely accidental. That is, we came into this industry, first as agents, brokers, mathematicians, statisticians and developers, to make an impact and disrupt an industry that had been struggling to find its way after the housing crash of the 2000's. We knew early on that better data with insightful peeks around the corner would help provide a stabilizing effect on our community. So, in this way, we knew that what we were doing would be no small win, but what we didn't anticipate was the majority of lead generators out there not stepping up their game. Well, we're working on it (to bring all of our peers up to speed on what it means to be a first-class data and lead generation for real estate agents), but until then, let's work on your business and see how we can help you become the top producer in your region. Connect with an offrs lead generation specialist today to demo what we do for you.

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