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The Thinking Behind Leads

Imagine a handful of great real estate listing leads (the perfect leads for your business). If you're like most agents, you likely pictured a few homeowners ready to list with you and list this weekend... hungry to move their mid-to-high value property at any cost... motivated. Could happen (and sometimes does)... but while there are some elements to this that are spot-on, there are other elements that are still off from the reality behind real estate lead generation. Don't worry, we'll get down to how you can still grab hold of a good amount of quality listing leads, it's just that we have to get through what those even are. First, it's important to recognize that most leads (barring those miracle listing appointments that occasionally fall into our laps) still require a minimal amount of interaction to go from cold to hot or warm to hot. Even hot leads require a certain amount of touches in order to pin down the listing contract.

Leads Are The Work, Not The Reward

These touches over time are key to the process of lead conversion... converting (essentially) a stranger into a client. And the only consistent and reliable way to do this is with effort, trust-building and time on your part. While all agents are looking to improve their business or decrease the amount of work they have to put in while still providing quality service for their clients, most will cut corners in service rather than trim the fat in their operational expenditures. What we mean by this is that most agents think of leads as something that will save their business from work instead of something that requires their business's efforts to process into solid return. This is a common mistake and it won't necessarily break your operations, but if you're looking to get the most out of your leads, it'll help to understand the difference in thought behind what seller leads are, what they cost and (of course) their true value over time.

The Engineering Behind Leads

So the ability of leads to be converted (their "convertibility" if you will) is not often a feature of focus or even a feature at all for most real estate lead generation companies. That said, it is something that can be engineered into the output real estate leads themselves. It's fairly simple, really... with multi-processing of leads (continuously driving homeowner data through the Top-Of-Funnel/Middle-Of-Funnel/Bottom-Of-Funnel), offrs is able to prioritize the leads by motivation towards listing as well as qualifying both the data and the approach to connecting with each of the leads. In just these few, simple differentiators, you can already see a chasm opening up between real estate lead generation services. After all, if you're using the same quality output lead from one service provider and using that to kick off your lead vetting and lead qualification processes, then you're really talking about two tiers of real estate agent leads.

The Chasm Gets Wider

But let's not stop there. With not two, but multiple layers of lead vetting and qualification during the process of lead generation for real estate agents and their teams, these real estate seller leads can jump into and out of entire categorizations of convertibility. In fact, offrs gathers over 200 points of consumer data from around 20 major data providers, compares this data among those pulled from other providers (to assure that the data is the best quality possible for your team) and plots not only how likely they are to sell within the next 12 months compared to others in the same neighborhood, but also provides multiple scripts across multiple marketing and communication channels based on where they are in the lead conversion process. Whew! This is state-of-the-art lead generation for real estate and it's the reason that offrs is considered the top-of-class real estate lead generator.

The Pace Of Things

2013 may not feel that long ago, but it's over 5 years in the rearview mirror. This isn't to get nostalgic, but more to highlight the fact that every year in this technology-laden society we all live in makes a huge difference (as far as schools of thought are concerned). Best practices are rewritten, then rewritten again at nearly quarterly intervals. Search Engine Optimization (passive marketing for your website) is just one example of how a month can make a difference (if not in results, then in the efficacy of the same dollar spent to drive them). So, the world moves fast... what could this possibly mean when it comes to real estate lead generation websites? Simple... if you're using tools from yesteryear, you're going to need to upgrade in order to stay ahead of the pack. What pack? Everyone. As offrs has helped to level the playing field in lead generation real estate as an industry has become more technically-savvy (and this means those working against your brand in your farm too).

Tools Of The Trade

Looking back at all of the resources you've been given over the years for your own SMB real estate business, it would be safe to say that the majority of them are either years old or reference methodologies that are years old. We know that it doesn't necessarily feel that way (2015 just doesn't feel that long ago to us either), but in order to keep your forward momentum going, you're going to need to stay up on the latest tools and methodologies regarding lead generation. One of these tools that we brought to real estate 5 years ago is real estate predictive analytics. In the time since we introduced predictive listings, we've watched small, medium and large real estate brands dominate their territories while still providing the personal touch required to drive life-long relationships. The key to this is having the latest generation of lead generation and lead conversion tools, but also those updated methodologies we spoke of earlier.

Approaches To Match

It's not hard to imagine having the right tool in your hand but using it in the wrong way. It's also not difficult to imagine that it might actually work (if not all that well). The image of someone banging on a nail with a wrench comes to mind here. =) Hopefully, this speaks to the importance of not only having the right tools for the job (the latest ratcheted or pneumatic tools if you will), but also... the right approach.. the right use of that latest tool. In other words, tools alone aren't enough. Not if you're looking to get the maximum return on your efforts using them. This is what we like to call the complete offrs client creation process. It's an end-to-end approach to going from, say 2,500 strangers living in a farm you hope for your brand to own, to 250 warm leads to work for the next year and 25 life-long clients. We go into that more in our other articles, but what's important here to understand is that one thing alone is seldom enough to leap ahead of the wave of agents taking similarly small steps forward.

Pushing Ahead Of The Agent Pack

So, we've spoken quite a bit here about pushing ahead. And certainly, by reading this, you're demonstrating (really to yourself more than anyone else), that you're at least interested in what it might take to get ahead of your current business state. But, as with almost any other program, solution, service or tip... you've got to be the one that makes the first, next or last step towards your goal. In this case here, we've got the tools to match your needs. How do we know? Well, first, we've spent the last 5 years innovating and leading the pack with real estate lead generation tools for real estate agents and professionals. part of that is hearing what they've learned along the way, adapting our solutions to help them going forward and sharing that with our other 5,000+ top-producing agents across the nation. We've learned a lot and we're ready to share what we know with you. But we need to connect with you in order to share what we know. Set up a demo today with one of our real estate lead generation business strategists and get the ball rolling.

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