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What Makes Real Estate Lead Generation Websites Great

Don't get stuck on the word "website," when it comes to online lead generation real estate assets like target-driven lead generation websites have advanced quite significantly. To the point, in fact, that their modular nature looks and functions more like a marketing and conversion funnel, built for processing seller leads than they do for addressing service questions, disseminating ideas or broadcasting brand messaging. We're well beyond the days of wondering about the value for a brand having an online presence, but we still lump together purpose-built tools like real estate lead generation websites with other, more passive portals of old. So what's the difference? Well, in technical terms, it's connectivity with other lead conversion systems, in terms of sales, it's elements of lead qualification and segmentation and in terms of function... it's all about driving the conversation to a close down the road... a layup for your teammate rather than a shot taken on a whim. Let's explore these elements that drive modern real estate lead generation services and technologies.

The Engineering Behind Lead Gen Websites For Real Estate

Let's kick off with the most difficult component of designing and building the ultimate pipeline for your inbound sales... technical connectivity. It may not matter to you personally, or at least, to you right now, but when you need your tools to work together, it can't just be a last-minute bridge thrown up to connect two real estate lead generation companies and their services together. To do things right, you need a real estate lead generation solution that was built from the ground up to drive listing leads in, through and out to a close. Unless you want a shanty town system, piece-mealed out of various components from all corners of the web and glued together with shotty APIs, then you're going to want to employ an enterprise-ready, but SMB-friendly real estate lead generator solution that is designed to scale both up and down to meet your business' needs. The offrs solution was built with interconnectivity with other enterprise solutions in mind. Because it's not just about making sure that your systems play well amongst themselves... it's about being good stewards within the community of real estate service providers.

The Lead-Qualifying Role Lead Gen Websites Play

As briefly mentioned above, lead generation websites aren't designed entirely for human content consumption. That is, they're not built to answer FAQs, connect visitors directly with someone on your team, etc. There may be elements of that, certainly, but they aren't the driving force behind these tools. In fact, unlike most websites which only begin to poke at a potential lead, pushing simple CTAs and maybe routing certain visitors to lead processing areas, real estate lead generation websites are built specifically to capture multiple lead types, vet the quality of inbound leads, tagging and trafficking leads towards other lead processing engines. In this manner, professional lead gen websites for real estate are more similar to the proverbial iceberg, where the weight and balance of the system is largely unseen by visitors or the operators. For their purpose of setting up the shot for processing real estate leads down the lead conversion line, these solutions are an imperative component that can significantly improve the steady flow of inbound real estate agent leads while simultaneously routing them to the most effective conversion teams and/or processes.

The Function Of Lead Gen Sites Like offrs Smart Sites

It's no subtle comment to say that these days, lead generation for real estate agents requires the latest advances in technology and design. Not just design of technology... design of process. As we discussed above, the primary function of lead generation websites is to address the needs of the visitor only as far as required for the purposes of maintaining an open line. Of course, as a consumer advocate, we're not belittling the need for a better experience on their behalf, but rather, highlighting the importance of the role that these tools play in the bigger picture. You see, when it comes to modern lead generation for real estate, what's required is speed and consistency. Real estate seller leads do not wait around for agents to get back to them and when they do, the agent had best be prepared with the information pertinent to the client's requests, their background and their state of need (where they are on the lead conversion timeline, or how motivated they actually are to engage in a home seller listing with you). Real estate listing leads may only give you brief hints at their intent to sell and as a top agent, you need to capture those fleeting advances and have your optimal approach to addressing their needs practiced and ready.

Peripheral Toolsets

While we speak of ethereal (yet highly-impactful) aspects of otherwise technical tools, everything we've discussed has largely ridden on the notion of passive lead capture and handling. As vast and automated as real estate predictive analytics and the solutions that feed it indeed are, they're useless if the teams doing the actual relationship-building while converting the leads over time fail to deliver. After all, what use is the perfect layup set for your teammate is ultimately left dangling and falling to the floor? So offrs has collected, analyzed and culled down the best practices from top-performing agents across the nation. These manual lead conversion methodologies are what help land the shots presented to their own team pleayers and we've made these accessible to you and your team as part of our lead conversion solution. Again, we could rest on our innovation and data access plans alone, but we rely on your success and want to build our own life-long relationships within our industry peer group... you. We not only do this through best practice training sessions which cover our lead generation toolsets (including our Smart Sites), we provide these for free... publicly on our sister site

Your Role In All Of This

We said it before, but it's worth its weight in gold for us to land the importance of you in this equation. We know that while there isn't anyone doing what we do out there (at the breadth and depth that we do), but there are choices that you have when it comes to the open field of quality in real estate lead generation websites. So we continue to innovate where and what we can, breaking the rules for your benefit and for the benefit of your homeowner leads, because... someone had to (and has to) assure that small-to-medium-sized RE businesses like yours continue to have the ammunition to play at the level that larger or more funded operations have as they sweep across the nation. Ultimately, that equalizing effect that offrs provides is a solution that only you can opt-in for and implement into your own operations. We're here for you as we've been for over 5,000 agents around the country. The question is... are you ready to upgrade your business tools and begin to reap the rewards of offrs? Set your real estate lead generation demo today.

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