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Your Role Of Lead Conversion For Seller Leads

We've mentioned the importance of lead conversion when thinking about real estate lead generation, but if you don't have definitive lead conversion processes in place - that is, if you're addressing leads, but haven't yet systematized the process to the point that it's essentially muscle memory to deliver top-tier service, then this article is for you. There is an amazing book called The E-Myth by Michael Gerber that the core tenents of the processes here can be found in (and with more detail), but for the purposes of converting real estate seller leads into clients, we'll stay top-level and focus in on the value of real estate lead generation websites to your business (when followed up with solid lead conversion processes). In particular, we'll discuss a few of these lead conversion steps that need to be completed as well as a few helpful tips from top-performing agents across the country on how to augment these steps to help boost your operational ROI.

It's About Them

In short, when you think about seller leads, it's imperative to retrain your mindset so that you think about what you do for them, not what they do for you. This may seem obvious for most agents, but it's still not implemented into most agents' operational practice. So it's worth stating that this isn't a suggestion, rather a base minimum mindset that, if implemented for the first time in your business, will dramatically improve your client relationships and the trust needed in order to close those dealings more rapidly. That's the goal, right? More business, more quickly (while establishing better relationships like those needed for life-long clients and solid referral business for decades to come)? So... it'll aid you and your team to be honest, humble and adaptable with this single concept... it's about them. Business is risk and the risk that you're taking on their behalf is that they'll waste your time and energy. That said, this is the risk that all agents run. While this is a big chance you take on behalf of your operation, your role in this transaction is a significantly higher financial risk to your client.

Don't Take The Shot Until You're Truly Ready

While it may not be overtly spoken, the risk your client is taking by selecting and working with you and your team is a constant, pinging alarm in the back of their minds. Everything you do that seems right only stacks in the pile of things that they expect you to do right. And yet any single thing you do that seems wrong will send up flags and reinforce fears, doubts, and concerns on their part. These negative enforcers are almost impossible to roll back (even if you stack up significant positive reinforcers). This is to bring up a sad, but true reality you're going up against (whether you've recognized it or not)... your leads, your clients and even your friends and family are actively looking for you to fail. Let that sink in for a second, because we're not going to leave you there to sulk for long. It's just important to know that failure (any failure big or small) will count doubly against you. So, what's the takeaway here? Simple... miss the shot and your competition will get the rebound... so only shoot when you're genuinely ready. Otherwise, if you're not ready to go for it... it's all about passing and working the ball to set up the next optimal shot.

What Seller Leads Need From You

So what does your client need from you? You might be thinking like a business card: service... insights on the state of the national, regional and local housing market and so on. Sure. But that isn't what they're looking for from you, that's what they're looking for from your title. These things... COMPs, a tour of available inventory, document handling and management, inside connections for off-market listings, etc... these are all things that they have come to expect from an agent. The question is... what do they need from you? This is actually more of a branding question and you likely already know the answer. The million dollar question is... do they know? This is to suggest that just because you know the value you bring in answering their needs, this doesn't mean that this comes across right out of the gate. We won't go further into this train of thought other than to suggest that you take an honest look at your marketing and ask... does this say "I do what you need." And if that service is what everyone else does, then there's the hole in your boat.

Providing The Most Valued Asset: Trust

There are a million and one ways to stand out in the market with real estate leads, but one of the easiest and more valued campaigns is one that bolsters trust. Again, you might already "know" this to be true (that you're trustworthy), but this isn't the norm anymore. As times became harder in our industry, older agents became hungrier and impatient while newer agents (not knowing how to balance their close/relationship-build ratio) poured in, saturating our industry with so many negative service handling habits, that our industry and the professionals that service it took huge, painful hits online and offline. We all know this and deal with it daily, but the most effective method we've seen to combat this is... head on. Building a campaign as "The Trusted" agent in your area seems to work quite well in quelling the unspoken fears that your clients are dealing with in their minds. Assuming that you aren't untrustworthy, now might be the time to reassess whether or not your brand is coming across as trusted. Remember... they're not coming from a position of trust. They expect your brand to fail them... so address it out of the gate and prove your value fast.

The Reward Is Exponential

Sometimes, the prospect of doing the right thing and taking your time to establish and maintain your client relationships (really maintaining them, not just sending holiday packages) can seem daunting. After all, it hardly seems worth the extra effort to demonstrate your hands-on approach to client services when many of your seller leads appear disinterested in the exercise. It's a thankless job, for sure. But the rewards for demonstrating your personal touch when it comes to client care are so exponential, they can often seem near sentient in their ability to find the right time to drop in your lap. What we're eluding to here is that those well-timed, seemingly miraculous real estate listing leads that came out of the blue and saved your year... they ultimately tie back to something you did right in the past. No, we're not demeaning the role of chance and miracles... it's more than what you do now plays more of a role in your business's success than may overtly be visible on the surface. Often times, the fruit of your labor shows up well beyond the expected timeline and sometimes... abundantly so.

You Need To Play To Win

Hopefully, in this article, you saw a lot of what you already knew. But whether or not you're familiar with it, is less the issue. What's really at play here is... are you employing it? Are you employing solid real estate lead generation services and solutions in your business? Are you employing the latest (and best) lead conversion techniques with your listing leads? Because all the techniques in the world to win a game don't matter... if you don't play. And when it comes to the pros, your chances at winning go down with each player sitting on the bench. offrs is the leading real estate lead generator, and having brought real estate predictive analytics to the real estate game over 5 years ago, we have helped to redefine what real estate agent leads can be (pre-qualified, pre-categorized and more convertible than non-offrs leads). In short, offrs seller leads are vetted to be more ready to be put into play than other seller leads generated by other systems.

What We Need From You

Are you looking for solid real estate lead generation services and a score of seller leads pouring into your inbox? With lead generation real estate agents have come to depend on offrs. This is because we've not only helped redefine the role that technology can play in lead generation for real estate agents, we've helped our agents close their set appointments with best practices in conversion. offrs isn't just a leading provider of lead generation for real estate, we're a positive peer influence in the industry and strive to secure the role of agents such as yourself going decades into the future. So, when it comes time to reevaluate your seller lead handling systems, it may also be time to reevaluate your options when it comes to real estate lead generation companies. Speak with an offrs lead generation specialist today and get your year into overdrive.We're here for you.

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