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The Many Paths To Quality Lead Generation

Real estate lead generation isn't all we do here at offrs. While we do produce the best listing leads in the industry, how we do it involves our entire catalog of products, services, and approaches. There are many roads to bettering your business (we know - we work hard to help you along each and all of them), it's simply that real estate lead generation services, largely driven by improvements in real estate predictive analytics, have proven to be both the quickest path for you and your team to reach financial growth, but also the that stretches furthest into the ROI horizon for your brand. That said, how real estate lead generation companies create and deliver seller leads vary quite a lot in all areas that matter most...

  • Philosophy: The very core of what a lead is can sometimes be adjusted to match the output of some "lead" providers. At offrs, we're focused on ROI for your business.
  • Approach: Where your Top Of Funnel is (how you source your leads at the start) matters significantly later down the process when it comes time to convert them.
  • Staging: It's no longer enough to pull from one data set. offrs pulls 10-20 top-tier data providers to get the best data available on each of the real estate leads in your farm!
  • Qualifying: While we trust the industry's top data providers, we cross-check their data against one another to help assure that what they say is... is.
  • Prioritization:So... got a list of leads... what now? Start with the "A's?" Those days are gone.... offrs has pioneered predictive analytics solutions and we'll tell you which to act on first!
  • Prep: You don't know what you don't know... that is, of course, unless you've been taking offrs best practices training and taking advantage of our numerous RE scripts and tips!
  • Delivery: Once your leads have been found, filtered and processed for your brand's interaction, it comes down to delivery... lead routing and team assignment tools are a must.
  • Accessibility: And what would all this mean... if you couldn't budget for this top-tier, quality data access? We've got the equipment you need and all in one, economic solution!

Let's dive into each of these because with lead generation real estate can't afford to rest...

Lead Philosophy

It's not only forgivable, it's encouraged that service providers these days actively seek out ways to improve their products and the industry as a whole. But there are some elements of innovation that should push through no matter what... like ROI. offrs innovates across the board and we never take anything for granted when it comes to actively seeking out ways to make your leads better. But balancing out development enthusiasm with a solid dose of "does this break the value?" inquisition helps assure that core qualities in all areas of innovation don't drift away from their utility. That's a lot to digest... what we mean is... we make leads better, not worse over time. Sound like common sense? We think so. But not all technologists or technology disrupters keep their eye on the important ball in play. They'll be focused on what they can do to change the game and how that changes their position in the market. But our philosophy is to innovate forward, innovate backward or even sideways, up and down if needed... but always strive for the best possible lead generation for real estate agents. offrs leads will always be processed to benefit you and the homeowner in your budding relationship.

Approach To Lead Generation For Real Estate

Just as leads are all different from one another (it doesn't take much imagination to see the difference between a cold and hot lead, for example), so too are lead sources. Data aside (for now), there is a quality sourcing consideration with lead generation for real estate. The best meals are often sourced from the best kitchens using the best ingredients... and your leads demand similar quality sourcing. But let's discuss readiness. We've spoken before on the concept of "convertibility" in lead generation - the idea that out of 5 leads, there is always one that is easier to drive to a listing contract. Sure, motivation on their part plays an important role, but even the most motivated of sellers (divorce listings, for example) can rapidly become an issue of convertibility. offrs analyzes over 200 factors like homeowner status and consumer actions that help paint a clearer picture of any given lead's motivation and convertibility... factors that will come into play when you reach out to them... factors that will affect the utility and value of the lead. We all are given the residents we're given, based on our selection of territories... but home seller leads are indeed unique and the things that drive them (ultimately) to listing with you don't have to be blind luck. Let our technology and teams prioritize your leads and help you focus on the lowest hanging fruit (before your competition discovers them).

Lead Staging

So let's flip this coin over and discuss data sourcing, the other side of finding and processing real estate listing leads (and probably the single most important aspect of lead generation for real estate agents). In the last section, we looked at inspecting the emotional aspects of leads after they were found, but what about the discovery process. For that, offrs has partnered with the leading big data providers from across multiple industries, any one of which would otherwise drive other lead generation service provider's entire data sourcing needs. But offrs doesn't partner with 1,2,5 or even 10 of these top-tier providers... we pull as much data as we can from up to 20 based on the quality of the information they're able to provide for us and the results of our annual, internal and external data auditing processes. If this were a referral lead handed to you by us, it will have been verified across up to 20 of the neighbors and friends within that referral leads' sphere. If we can provide for you a lead whose data was sourced only from 1 of the providers... we'll still deliver it as rapidly as possible (leads need to be pounced on!), but if we can pull from 19 other sources regarding best phone numbers, email addresses or homeowner life actions... isn't that better? Better data... better leads. It's that simple. offrs sources from the best data providers in the data industry.

Qualifying Homeowners' Motivation

So let's take the situation detailed above... we're giving you a lead that 20 of that lead's neighbors, friends and/or fmaily have said is looking to list their home within the next 12 months. This, like any one of the lead data staging and processing points, might be enough for another lead generator, but not us. We take the data that each of our data sources provide us and cross-check that data against one another in a fashion similar to an investigation. What are we looking for? Red flags... something (anything) that says "Hmmmm... something isn't right with this 'lead'." In this manner, we not only source homeowner information from the top data providers in the industry, we actually clean their data. We call this data scrubbing, but beyond just an authentication tool, this also serves to audit our data providers to make sure, year over year, that the quality of homeowner real estate leads we're providing for you are the best (not only from top data providers but among all of the providers we run data against). We've said it before, but people are dynamic. They move and keep the same number or change their number while staying at the same address. This is commonplace for traditional contact information, but what about new forms of outreach like social media? Yeah, we cover social handle changes as well. ;)

Prioritizing Real Estate Lead Opportunities

Hopefully, by now, you can see that we take real estate agent leads and lead generation seriously. Your business's next year and the decades to come are very important to us (your success is our success). That said.... we're just getting started! We've developed a proprietary technology that prioritizes this multi-sourced, quality-controlled list of leads so that you and/or your team can focus on the ever-important jub of relationship-building. What this looks like on a practical level is 2,500 names on a list (assuming a farm of this size) being culled down to roughly 250 names that you should focus on. That is... we cut roughly 90% of the work in your farm down to the homeowners that are the most likely in their area to list their homes within the next 12 months. Now, some offrs agents use this insight to cut marketing costs, while the real go-getters their marketing dollars in play as always and double-down on those names. Either is a legitimate growth or sustain strategy (after all, sometimes the best play is to hold the ground you have and try to outlast your competition while they burn through operational or marketing expenses). But what is consistent on the battlefield? Change. And what combats change? Up-to-the-minute field intelligence, adaptability, and drive. Unlike other data providers, we update our scoring every few weeks, giving you optimal business intelligence to work from!

Prepping Your Team For Success

Real estate seller leads require a special level of service. As the top real estate lead generator, we know that only you can take the ball over the line. All the gear or opportunities in the world can't catch the ball for you and carry it through the 0-yard line. That last yard... that's yours. Of course... we all know that a fumbled play can ruin any rare opportunity. This is why we work day and night to find and source the best practices in lead conversion methodologies. We then provide these insights to you (and the industry) for free via our sister site And, because we're not robots... and because we know this job can be thankless and seemingly heartless at times, we also provide the industry with humorous memes, the latest RE headlines and yes.... scripts, scripts, scripts. How many scripts? A lot. We've written a book on lead conversion scripts which provides insights on how to adjust your approach in order to form more solid and long-lasting relationships with your leads using scripts and templates as a mere starting point. We're all about relationship-building, because ultimately... that's the cornerstone of your success to come. Let us prep you for success.

Delivery Of Your Leads

So we just email you a spreadsheet of prioritized leads, right? Nope... sure, you could simply download this list, but we provide you with the same enterprise-level lead routing and lead tracking tools that SMBs like yourself normally pay for... all part of our service. If you haven't yet noticed... each of these processes, products, services... everything we do comes under one available solution. You could pay for each of these and string them all together... but it'd still cost you significantly more each month... and it'd be jenky as all get-out. When offrs delivers leads from tools like our Smart Sites, our real estate lead generation websites, we notify you via email, text and via the dashboard console available to you and/or your team via any browser. And when the leads show up, you can not only determine in advance who they'll go to in your lead team, you can manually assign certain leads to certain staffers. This is what we mean by solid lead generation services... because a list... just won't do. You're busy out there... so let us assign inbound leads to your team (but jump in or turn it off at any point) - the control is yours. Lead generation isn't about data... it's a whole lot more. It's the tools and systems you employ while using those tools. It's okay that you didn't know this yet... we've been raising the bar for years. But our peers... ? Welcome to the next level in lead gen.

Accessible Pricing & Access

What good is any of this if it's the ultimate thing... on the other side of an impossible gap? Just a list of emails and names for 1,800 residents in a given farm can cost an individual agent $1,200!!! Frankly... that's just stupid. =\ This is the power of leverage. We've built all of the above-mentioned products and services (innovating everything along the way and taking lead in the industry) and our pricing comes in at a quarter of that alone. Again, what use is the ultimate lead generation tool if it's not accessible? So... now that you know about offrs and now that you've seen what we do to deliver top-quality leads (industry-leading leads) to your inbox(es)... what are you going to do to take advantage of our business-growing solution? We didn't mention it (but we will now)... we offer an exclusive access program for our agents. What this means is that once an agent has locked down the data for that territory.... it's locked. yup... only that agent will gain access to the data in the territory. All that predictive scoring, Smart Data, cross-checked and vetted contact info... it's all theirs. It could be you that we're mentioning here, but you have to call us and see for yourself the value we bring. Set up your real estate lead generation demo here and get the game started.

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