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offrs Real Estate Lead Generation: It's Go Time

There's a time for peace and a time for war. This round, we're going to talk about battle-hardened brand dominance and preparing for, then heading furiously into your next brand war. Are you ready for this? We've talked before about force multipliers in your RE operations. Now... we're going to get knee-deep into it. Today's real estate battlefield requires the latest developments in technology and application (including computer-aided targeting aka real estate lead generation and Smart Data to call targets), but it also requires field-tested and proven processes that have earned their right to be in your toolkit. offrs delivers this to you across the board, bringing a powerhouse of tools to first roll through your competition's frontline campaign, then capture their future marketing deployment resources.

The offrs War Chest

Whether you work alone or with a team, the offrs suite of active and passive measures we have ready for you are prepared to deploy day and night (with or without interactions from your staff). With offrs, you have an entire arsenal of strategic game-changer wedges, each designed to work as a single affector or in unison as a force multiplier in order to achieve pin-point pressure where your business needs it. And while lead and steel wins the battle, strategy will win the campaign. offrs isn't simply real estate lead generation, it's lead conversion strategy too. It is never enough to roll through town as the dominant brand... we're going to help you win the hearts and minds of the people to boot. This PUSH campaign will be a blitzkrieg to topple the seemingly impenetrable wall of brand presence your competition has placed around your farm, then set the groundwork to position you as the leading agent in the region.

A Limited Action Campaign

Plan out your PUSH campaign to include a backline of defense. Expect your direct competition to push back but also for other, less traditionally-confrontational opportunists in the region to attempt to fill the void with their messaging. Most often, these outer rim players will only test the waters with second or third-tier resources, so don't let this distract your push deep into your target territory. Move fast, in the night with an overwhelming wall of content, then back that up in the next wave, then that in the next in a 1-2-3 fashion. By this point, your brand will be the new dominant force in the region and you'll need to level out your operational drain and supply then maintain your presence. You've come stealthily in the night, storming the beachhead while your competition planned out lavish campaigns in expanded farms, draining their focus and operational bandwidth from the branding war's frontline. You've now breached their weakened lines and taken the hill. The farm is yours.

Fortifying Your New Position

Now that you've taken the mount, it's time to double-down... the battle's just started. Your forward-pressing operations (marketing messaging touting you as the only agent in the region capable of delivering the services your residents require) will now need to be shifted to fortifying your new stronghold (messaging now branding you as the resident's choice... an agent of the people). And that, you'll have to be, because your primary competition isn't going to sit well with what you've just done. You've just unseated their glutenous rear and are now recommitting to a new level of service for the homeowners in your new farm. It'll be a minute before your competition is ready to take you head-on again (remember, they've reallocated their resources to other campaigns), but they will push back with small numbers (and immediately so). This is good... you're going to let them bleed those resources against your wall.

Reinforce Your Flank

Almost immediately, you can (and should) expect a panicked pair or set of reaction waves (to include those from the surrounding opportunists observing your ground-pounding of the previous farm's dominant force). There are seldom only two forces in any region and many of these other agents have likely had their hand in your neighborhood's pocket for a while, picking at the gaps your primary opponent had left unguarded (whether intentionally or not). Remember, your primary competition's ineptitude (or presumptions) allowed for your own entry into the field (don't make the same mistake with these peripheral players). Distribute your resources out to plug and cover those holes left open before. Whether a gap in coverage of flyers, emails, mass text or... yes... door-knocking. Whatever the previous "brand owner" of the farm you now own did, you must do in abundance. And whatever they didn't do, you need to do at at least a base minimum. Welcome to farm ownership.

Hearts & Minds: They Broke It, You Bought It

The neighborhood has been (and will continue to be for a while) a battle zone of competing contexts. In the chaos prior, catering to the homeowners' interests (whether client, lead or not) will have dipped. Even if your competition doubled down on their stronghold grip over the area during the peak of this branding firefight, there's only so much they could do to hold ground on two fronts (against your overwhelming infiltration and while also supporting their commitments to servicing the community with their primary value propositions). You will need to have planned this in advance with your plateaued-campaign service offering. It has to counter the prior agent's messaging (because the core message will always be about their brand) and it has to bolster your longterm operational capabilities. You took out the previous dominating power in this farm... now you own it. Make sure you've planned for a sustainable marketing budget so that you can reap the reward for as long as possible.

Reinvest In Infrustructure

Trust will be the new commodity in your region and you'll have to earn it hour by hour. The best way to invest the rewards of your new-found revenue-generating territory is right back into the systems that bridge your relationships with each and every homeowner or prospect homeowner in the farm. Now is not the time to expand your farm, now is the time to mend fences. After a hard, bad cop push into their community, it's time for the good cop to go door-to-door and introduce the face (in person) behind the brand they've seen everywhere lately. This is imperative to mending trust in what might otherwise be seen as a hostile invasion of their connection with their previous agent. To help in this effort, plan to carry with you a toolkit of branded service offerings that focus on the latest intel around the housing market and be prepared every visit to showcase your advocation of your updated real estate services over the previous agent's good intent and antiquated tools and practices.

Lock Down Fears

It's 2018 and homeowners want security in an unstable market... deliver that and demonstrate to the village your commitment to a bettered community through increased home valuations, a shorter listing timeline (now-experienced homeowners have active fears about a second market dip, so beating the clock is a strategy that will help alleviate pressure) and yes, offer them a better client experience. They've been through a lot and have heard a lot of promises only to see those promises broken at this stage. Be the difference and show them what a real estate professional does. Demonstrate your brand's value and lay foundational trust like steel-reinforced concrete. Be sure that the community sees your activities through social media. Plant your flag by consistently dropping the community's name in social outreach, tagging community leaders that support the community and your cause. This trust, this community bond... this will fund your protection of their home valuations, ROI and future security.

Call On offrs For Support is your munitions depot and strategic headquarters. Lean on any (and many) of the tools and resources our scientists have built for this and similar campaigns. We're continuously refining these tools to assure that you not only conquer your farm but that you hold it for the duration of your business's operation. You will need to call on us to deploy these sorts of strategic maneuvers. And just as much as we will require you to start this campaign, we will need you to fight it. It will be your brand that will push out the previous agent and it will be your brand on that flag over this territory. Are you ready for this? Then call your offrs real estate lead generation strategist and see for yourself what having the right tools and the right training can do for an otherwise day-to-day enterprise. It's go time.

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