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Catching The Wave Of Lead Generation

The raw power of the ocean can be a frightening prospect to many onlookers... but to those that ride its rhythms, picking up on the tell-tale movements it provides... the ocean is home. Real estate was for you, at some point in your career, a daunting, frightful beast. After the technical proficiencies sank in, it seemed all-but-inevitable that you'd be a real estate star. But after you missed your first opportunity, your first wave of success... the fear of failing hit you. This is, of course, all speculation, but that based on the experience that most all agents experience the first months into the field of being a real estate service provider. It wasn't so much what you did then, but how you responded next that either set in good habits or bad habits for your long-term goals. If you're looking to ride that wave, or better still... if you're looking to master the art of riding each have at your whim... then let's get to it.

Getting Present-Minded

It's not that losing isn't a devastating prospect - you can't afford to. But if you're paralyzed by the prospect, then your head's not in the game (you're not being present). As mentioned above, real estate success demands a certain amount of fake it till ya make it. Not because you can afford to stay in that space long, but because you need to really immerse yourself in the vision of riding atop that wave of success. You cannot afford the luxury of pitty and any movement you make has to be centered around that vision. This is a sort of muscle memory that you've already built up in your life to now and you're going to now begin to build it in your new mastery of success. No, we're not going to throw bumper sticker statements at you... this metaphor of riding the sea is to get engrained into your business mindset the concept of letting go of your ego, picking up on the natural rhythm of success and conquering your fear of the sheer, overwhelming power of the market.

Grab Your Board

What, did you think we were going to play out a metaphor and start in the middle? No! You're not going to ride a North Shore-sized wave of real estate lead generation for agents on a toaster and you surefire aren't going to get consistent inbound sales leads without proper gear. That's right... in this story, offrs is not only providing inbound lead generation for real estate (the wave), we're also providing the tools to convert this opportunity into sales (your board). This is because offrs helped bring predictive analytics to the real estate industry in 2013 and because we have led the way since in gathering and field-testing the latest best practices in lead conversion methodologies. We provide it all, baby! But we're not just some distant manufacturer, we're fellow travelers in this way of life. offrs was found by an agent/broker and a mathematician. We know the reason you get up in the morning and we know the reality of what you face. We've got ya covered.

Overcoming Your Fear

Look once again out to what you've ventured into. You've seen it thousands of mornings like this. But we want you to own that this is your field... this is what you do now. You may have stood here many times before, but this morning, you're going to get ahead, then atop that wave of success. Know it... own it. If you've got offrs in hand, you're well ahead of the day. As you dive into your first shoreline wave (we'll call these distracting opportunities like weekend "be-backers"), we want you to push through and focus in on the bigger picture, those bigger, more business-sustaining waves of success forming on the horizon. You see, the closer you are to your goals, the more distractions will undeniably pop up to pull you away. Push ahead and keep your eye on the small, but powerful swells ahead. Those, not the short-term grabs, will be where your business thrives... where you'll catch your break.

Feel The Momentum

You've suited up, overcome your fear and pressed through obstacles that might have previously pulled you from your day's ride - your month's success. Now resting, you can begin to feel the powerful, slow rhythms of the market beneath you. You also nestle into that perfect zone between push and pull, where you can start to feel a sense of control of your destiny. It's subtle, but you now just know that you can flip a switch and propel forward, or... you can maneuver slightly this way or that and sustain your position. This sense of empowerment and place in the market is just as wonderful as any ride of success. It is the day that you know you have the right training, the right equipment, the right farm and... the ability to leverage a wave of resources to propel your business forward. This is the moment you never expected... between fear and success... peace of mind. It's been a long time since most agents have felt this, but it's yours now.

Time To Pay The Bills

Presence, a sense of belonging, peace of mind and even a feeling of control over your destiny all sound great (and they are underrated in an otherwise cold, hard market). But it's time to pay some bills. You've got everything you need and you've just felt a symbiotic tug far ahead of a wave of success you've been watching roll towards your business. You just know this is your ride. This is no time to sit back... with a few good breaths to prep for the work ahead, you start paddling... not to speed ahead of the forming crest... to pace yourself just right... to place yourself at the perfect, most-opportune position to ride this baby. And that you will... you can feel it now. The rapidly-rising and sharpening crest only feet above you, you can see sea you feared falling below and out before you... you're riding this thing.

Stand Tall

This is what success feels like... not looking back at how you got here... but feeling the pull of the market as it accepts your brand, driving compounding business your way and revealing an expanding ride ahead. But... not until you stand tall and own this journey you're now on, will you be able to claim your understanding of the principles of riding success time and again. This is actually a dangerous time to fail in your journey and it threatens to crash you to the depths of the market if you're not truly vested in this activity right now. You're going to need to focus and pull all resources to stand tall and balance the ride. Beyond metaphors, what do we mean? We're talking about balancing your inbound lead handling and lead conversion operations. Topple this and you'll tumble, sending all those hard-fought-after leads to other eager agents working your section of the beach.

You've Got This

Oh, but you're doing it. Once again, you delivered on your own, personal commitment. Let's recap on how you got here... you had a vision (you saw others do it and you felt the calling), you put yourself in line (you stood on that beach and learned all you could on the art of riding), you grabbed hold of the best gear (you grabbed the best board for you), you pushed against fears and distracting opportunities (you stayed focused on bigger opportunities ahead), you centered your mindset, paced yourself with the market, seized the right moment for you and followed through with the right balance of stabilizing and forward momentum to take this wave for as long as it would. You did this. Now, being who we are, we love to see success happen with our agents. It's satisfying to see that level of confidence and control in what can otherwise be a chaotic and destructive market.

You Deserve This

Okay, so we had our fun with the surfing thing. =) And, maybe we took that ride a little further than we needed to, but in life (and especially in business), things we clearly, genetically understand or things we dream of and aspire to understand... these things can shed light on other obstacles in our lives. So, the question now is... did you find motivation in the ebb and flow (we couldn't resist), those micro-movements between success and failure? If there's anything we can learn from the world of surfing (one of the many habit-changing and impactful lessons available from the sport and lifestyle), it's that balance is the only way you can sustain success and that sometimes you'll need to pull back an inch inorder to connect with the current. Then again... sometimes, it's just about being at the right place and time... with the right gear. ;) Gear up and let's ride...

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