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Got An Inbound Real Estate Leads Trickle? Get offrs

By now, you've heard of offrs (you're here, reading this). But what you may not yet know is how offrs paved the way for real estate lead generation technologies like real estate predictive analytics. Over the past 5 years, offrs has innovated in the real estate data, lead generation, and lead conversion space. When it comes to identifying motivated homeowners and developing residents in your farm into qualified real estate leads, nobody delivers like offrs. You see, it's not one thing that makes a lead generation service provider and/or their products top-of-class... it's a multitude of factors... technology, sure... methodologies, sure... we do it all while innovating across the board. In the end, however, it comes down to one thing... if you've got a slow, inbound lead trickle... you need offrs.

What's With The Real Estate Leads Drought

What we're in the middle of is the perfect storm of drought-inducing factors that have made this last decade a beast for most of us in the industry. On top of everything over the past decade, we're now looking at an increasing swarm of new agents entering into our field (sorry new agents, but you'll feel it too over the next few months), a diminishing housing inventory situation as well as a reduction in the commissions we're earning from those diminishing properties. Whew. But on these, we're adding new iBuyer services and a diminishing trust factor on behalf of our clients. Unfortunately, homeowners are looking to cut corners in order to increase ROI... and you're the first corner they want to cut. Looking at the issue, it seems that it's not that the homes aren't listing with agents, they're just listing with a wider swathe of agents, thinning out the distribution of income to alarming levels.

Getting A Firm Hold On The Issue

There's not a lot we can do about this as homeowners are their own entity. offrs does, however, work diligently to educate the homeowner about the pitfalls of certain iBuyer and FSBO routes. We're a believer in working with a trusted, local agent that isn't just there for the sale, but also the purchase when needed. That said your business needs fixing. A dry inbound real estate leads faucet isn't going to cut it. You can either hunker down and wait out the times ahead... or you can come to terms with the possibility that this isn't a drought... this is the way it's going to be from here on out (assuming you keep doing what you've always done). If you're opting for the latter choice, then you're going to need a new source of inbound leads (and stat).

Good News & Bad News

As we've discussed, advances in real estate lead generation technology (largely predictive analytics and data access/data processing) has actually made the sourcing of leads in abundance a practical prospect for your business. in fact, when we discuss leads with most agents, the diminishing quantity and/or quality of homeowner seller leads discussed on their part are those gained through the same means they've always gained them. To us, seeing as we generate copious amounts of leads for our agents across the country (zip code by zip code), it sounds a lot like someone saying that no one in their ROLADEX is selling and therefore the market's dead. The bad news... that person's been losing business if they can get out and above the limit of their immediate sphere. The good news... there's a lot more business to get a hold of... and we may already have those homeowner names.

offrs isn't the only real estate leads solution on the market, but we're the most comprehensive and we're the longest-running while also introducing the most features each week. In fact, we're constantly evolving to meet the needs of today's market. Had we stayed with the products and services we introduced into the real estate market 5 years ago, we'd be deploying 5-year-old technology heading into the 2020's. Not cool. But, being the industry leader in real estate lead generation services, we've remained committed to the consistent improvement and qualification of our tools. Yup... we don't simply qualify our leads, we qualify our products and services. If we find that a product we've brought to market for agents isn't making the grade, it gets sent back to the engineers, but those tools that do make the grade, get overhauled each week to assure you get the latest and top-performing lead generation results.

Deciding On A New Source Of Inbound Leads

So, why offrs? Well, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to lead generation. The question is... why not offrs? After all, if you can turn that drip of inbound sales leads into the faucet it once was (while your competition learns to survive off of whatever scraps they fcan scrounge up in the new market), then it's a simple question of math. You can pour budget into reaching out to anyone that might be looking to list their home... or you can cull that number down the a concentrated, predicted and scored list of homeowners that are the highest likely homeowners in your farm to sell within the next 6 to 12 months. Then, we're left with making the choice to move forward on that. Don't worry... we don't bite. Call us and see if we're good enough to be your real estate lead generation partner. Let's kickstart your business.

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