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Go Big Or Go Home

Real estate has always been a battlefield, but younger agents might not recognize how turbulent these times actually are. As we all adjust to new tools deployed into older markets, we spend our days not only convincing our clients that we're the singular agent they need to entrust with the listing and sale of their home, but also that we, as agents, have a role to play in that transaction. In this environment, you've got three choices...

  • Widen your inbound pipeline
  • Close a higher percentage of your existing pipeline
  • Pack up and head home

That last option might seem fairly harsh for most agents out there, but the trends show that in the face of an increasing influx of new agents, a decreasing housing inventory and smaller commissions on increasingly rarer closings... it's driving the stalwarts out of business. The question is, can you afford to retire now? We'll make the assumption here that you're in this game to stick it through and you're planning on telling the industry when you plan on retiring. That said, you're going to have to work on one of the two options above, 1) widening your inbound sales pipeline or 2) closing a higher percentage of your current sales pipeline... and because we're offrs, we're going to do both in one swoop.

The Role Of Listing Leads In Real Estate

Real estate listing leads have never been easier to lock down. That's the good news in all of this. offrs has, for the last 5+ years, developed and refined the lead generation process to the point where we now offer agents a product catalog of lead types. These are based on where they likely are in their listing timeline, their likely level of motivation to list and other important, game-changing factors that we provide in abundance (with the proper training and support needed to more easily convert these potential home sellers into longterm clients). Listing leads form the steady stream of business you've likely been lacking these past few years as the market has once again begun to shift. In this setting, inbound lead generation is more important than ever and surviving is as imperative as thriving.

The offrs Value Proposition

So, an infusion of listing leads is a great way to widen your top of funnel work and pull in more opportunities. But what about closing more of those opportunities? That's where we get into the core value proposition with offrs... it's widely known that the first agent to show to the door of a homeowner considering listing their home has a 75% chance of becoming that homeowner's listing agent. Doesn't matter what that homeowner says about listing with another agent they've worked with (as 80% of homeowners will say they will list with their prior agent, but only 20% do). So with the offrs predictive analytics solution and Smart Data services, we'll point you to those off-market homes that have scored high in likelihood to list for the neighborhood. This not only gives you more leads but gives them to you first.

Firstest With The Mostest

Having a prioritized list is great, but what about your competition? More great news... you don't really have any. At least, not with the same business intelligence that you now have. offrs provides residential data services as an exclusive service to our agents. While we do provide many of our services with non-exclusive, entry-level pricing (so that our services are accessible to a multitude of agents looking to test the waters of data-driven real estate), we still offer exclusive pricing to our agents at highly-competitive rates. So, as always, you can own your farm exclusively, or if you want to explore a new, nearby territory... you can access that data at a reduced cost. There is an older military expression that essentially says "The firstest with the mostest usually wins." With offrs you'll be armed with the best lead conversion tools and the most up-to-date, off-market listing predictions... while your competition is still sifting through public records.

What You Need To Do

For some, it may be a surprise to hear offrs talking so nonchalantly about listing leads, after all... they've been the gold at the end of the rainbow for so many years (and decades) next to referral leads or outright closings. But, it's true... and we've got 'em. While your competition works to get where you are right now, you now have the option to kick off the ladder behind you by locking down your farm exclusively. The option is yours. The question you'll have to ask is... are you prepared to close on these leads. We've got you covered across the board with services like, our sister site which provides industry insights and best practices for you and your team. We also have videos, online one-on-one and group training sessions, eBooks and more. Are you ready to go big?

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