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Seller Leads Are No Longer A Mystery

There are many things in this world that we take for granted, the rising sun each morning, that warm cup of coffee in your hands and a housing market which, as dynamic as it's always been, had maintained a consistent and relatively-uniform platform to build countless careers upon. And as much as we have all sought to make sense of the world around us, technology disruptors (those technologists that seek to shine light on the unknown or overwhelming) have made great headway into the art of quality seller lead identification and creation. And what was once the daunting work of processing endless homeowner leads in order to find that one needle in a haystack, has now become a state-of-the-art processes. In other words, quality seller leads are now a real estate commodity that we have in abundance... for you. We know because we developed the technology to bring them to the surface.

How offrs Developed Seller Lead ID Technology

It's no secret, our methodology (how we came to discover the secret to the perfect homeowner lead), we've written industry papers on it along the way, earning offrs multiple industry awards and the peer recognition that continues to drive us forward on your behalf. How'd we do it? Simple... we up-ended the problem... flipped it completely. As a whole, the industry had the right concept... farming. But when it came to real estate lead generation, service providers were, quite frankly, throwing out the baby with the bath water, so-to-speak. At offrs, we recognized almost immediately, that the two processes (farming and lead generation) were intertwined... two bodies locked in orbit, inseparable from one another. We realized that, as with most innovations, time was the great barrier (and the great illusion that we all suffer to see beyond). In the push for weekend-to-weekend sales (in order to keep our small RE businesses afloat), we missed the long-playy opportunities that would result in real, business opportunity and longterm stability.

The Right Stuff

Taking this principle and running with it, our team, during the earliest stages of real estate predictive analytics development and implementation, applied pattern recognition algorithms (previously only deployed in the banking world) to copious amounts of real-time and grandfathered-in data (wherever we could get it). You might be inspired to imagine an ah-ha moment where we received instant reward for our efforts, but it wasn't that simple. In the early stages of discovery, everything took months and even years to observe the results of what were then minor tweaks to our proprietary algorithm. Like a stellar probe, minute changes in course, in analysis of those course changes... everything took immense patience and perseverance. But that's exactly what offrs invested in... and ultimately... the payoff came in. At first, through manual, then later a combination of manual and automated research, our teams were able to confirm scalable, measured results in the identification of leads within the residential market.

Scaling Up To Planet-Sized Opportunity

In 2013, offrs had proved that predictive analytics solutions could be applied to the housing market (and to great effect). We had also begun to prove that these sorts of next-generation real estate lead generation solutions had a home in the industry, providing new stabilizers to the above-mentioned dynamics we had all assumed would be a permanent fixture in the market we served. This wasn't necessarily a new discovery in that regard, however, as we'd all seen this in the banking industry where AI-driven market analysis solutions had been at play for decades. The question now was, how to productize the solution... not necessarily in a monetary sense, but more in an accessibility sense, because everything we would be introducing to the market (when it came time to do so), would have to be palatable... truly understood for the impact it would have on our daily lives. The internet, email, social... these were tough concepts for many to grapple... scaling up predictive lead generation... that'd be a mammoth undertaking. And so, being offrs... we took that on.

Real Estate's Embrace of Predictive Lead Generation

It wasn't long before we began to see other competitive companies working the field of predictive lead generation. This is actually a good thing and the competition that drove us early on, only made us stronger and more committed to the experience of the everyday agent as they began to explore, then deploy our seller lead generation solutions into their daily operations. The good news for all of us is that these technologies (and their many off-shoots) took root. The better news is that over the course of the last 5 years, offrs has continued to lead the way in innovating these sorts of technologies, further testing, developing and ultimately improving lead generation technologies to the point that we can proudly say that we're shining light on the unknown recesses in our industry and bringing out the most coveted of business growth elements required to not only survive in the modern housing market... but genuinely thrive. it is possible and it is here. If you're still trying to find your path to SMB growth as an agent... we've got the tech to propel you forward. Call us today to see us in action.

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