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Real Estate Listing Leads Are No Longer Rare

Yup, you read that right... offrs homeowner data and real estate predictive analytics solutions work together, around the clock, to produce the most accurate home seller leads on the market. And after 5 years of continuous improvement on our real estate lead generation services (and the technologies behind them), we're proud of the fact that we've helped deliver countless thousands of real estate seller leads for our agents across the country. However, in all the work (continuously pushing the ball forward for our agents while picking up awards and peer recognition along the way), we almost overlooked a very important fact... listing leads are no longer rare. In fact, we're swimming in them.

offrs: The Well-Known Secret To Lead Gen

Our top-tier data providers (over 10 of them) provide a steady stream of raw, consumer data that we have been continuously crunching over the years. Every few weeks, we parse this data, extracting specific markers and identifying certain flags that point to future homeowner actions... actions like the possibility of the homeowners listing their home within the coming months (well ahead of the market and well ahead of them reaching out to an agent for information). This advanced, off-market lead generation for real estate agents has made offrs a well-known secret among top performing agents nation-wide. We figured that it'd be good to get the word out, so let's explore what this means to the industry...

The History Of Real Estate Lead Generation

It's easy to imagine that some change in technology alone made real estate listing leads so abundant in our industry, but it's actually a complex web of interacting machines and processes that have made this possible. We say this because technology already has a historical impact on each real estate lead generation boom. Whether it was the saturation of the automobile that allowed agents to meet regularly with residents outside of the city, the mobile phone which allowed for on-the-fly scheduling and spontaneous engagements or social media which allowed agents to access and engage other social circles outside of their own immediate sphere. Tech has always played a role in lead generation for real estate.

The Tenants Of Great RE Leads

While we all hear a lot about lead generation real estate professionals are often the one left to dawn the research as to which of the real estate lead generation companies truly provide the best real estate leads. The truth of the matter is, the best lead for you... depends on how you run your operation. Makes sense, right? Think about it. No lead is going to be perfect for every agent. Sure, any lead is a great lead, but there are certainly more appropriate lead types depending on where you are in your year. That all said, let's take a look at some of the tenants of great leads which, no matter what type of lead it is, threads all real estate agent leads together...

  • Reputible sourcing: Knowing where your raw, source data comes from is very important and offrs is proud to source our data from multiple, top-tier data providers, reprioritizing the list based on a continuously-updated internal audit of data-quality. In short, our data providers are continously vetted for qualitiy.

  • Cross-checking: So, how do you know if the data you're getting is the best possible data available? Cross-check your data across all of your data providers. Because offrs sources data across each top-tier provider, we're able to compare the data received among them and give you one more level of assurance as to the accuracy of the data provided.

  • Continuous updates: Updates are an unspoken necessity in the data world. Just as everything in the real-world changes minute-to-minute, so too does the data surrounding homeowners. offrs updates each of the data sources at alternating times that span the course of several weeks. This means that our data is updated regularly, but also in a more organic fashion.

  • Data scoring: Now that you're looking at the best data on the market, making sense of it can be a daunting process. So offrs take this weight off of your shoulders, automatically scoring and prioritizing the data so that you and/or your team know which opportunities on the list are the most promising and which on the list are the ones you may want to focus in on first!

Let's Talk About Data Access

The core offering that we built is data access. With all of the hype around lead generation technologies, this may seem off, but when you think about it, simple access to homeowner data like that which offrs provides may be the single greatest contribution to the real estate sector that offrs has accomplished. You see, prior to offrs' real estate lead generation websites and predictive analytics services, real estate data was something that only larger, enterprise entities could afford. We often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (often each month) just for enterprise access to multiple sources of raw consumer data.

And most of this data in itself doesn't offer the complete story around each homeowner (that which agents now rely on for their real estate lead generation). We know because as the leading real estate lead generator, we built most of the lead generation products our industry now relies on. It wasn't always this way. There was a time, not too long ago that real estate CRM's started out (and stayed) empty until you added your own leads. But now, with offrs data and lead scoring solutions, coupled with our CRM APIs, we can provide exclusive real estate leads, direct into your CRM of choice! That's right... exclusive.

Finding The Right Data Access Plan For Your Business

Over the years, we've learned a lot from our agents. One thing of note is that, just as leads vary in value from agent to agent, so too do the plans we create in order to access them. That's why we've created several new data access plans this year... each one designed to fit varying sizes of SMB operations across the country. While we focus in on (and encourage) exclusive access to our data, we've recently created a non-exclusive data access plan that significantly reduces the data access rate even more. Is this the right plan for your business? That's up to you to decide, but we're going to need to talk with you and learn more about your business in order to help.

Moving Forward From here

This all said, it's really down to you... right here, right now. The decision to execute your growth plan this year can come down the road, but you'll first need to do your homework and learn what's even possible with the latest RE technologies. We can help answer all of your questions and even demo our technology's capabilities with you, but until we meet, it'll all just be talk. The question for you is... can you afford to wait? After all, we still do focus in on offering up data access as exclusive territories and, once licensed, those territories are locked. Is your territory already locked down by another agent in your region? Find out now.

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