August 06

offrs Review: It’s all about the base (base principles of lead nurturing)



What good are all those leads pouring in* if they’re not being cultivated into legit, revenue-generating opportunities? You’ve got all these fancy CRMs and new-fangled mobile cellular telephones with the emails, but if you’re not following through with leads via some systematized lead conversion process (and doing so over time), then you’re not nurturing leads… you’re actually just catching leads, perhaps poorly so. When thinking about the cost of leads, it’s good to consider the cost of losing them, too.

For the purposes of this offrs Review on best practices for the real estate industry, here’s your morning juice: if they don’t take time to cook, they’re probably not that serious (at least statistically-speaking). You might see quick turn on last-minute contracts, but the reality is that you’re going to see more business from your sphere (which is essentially your long-game lead source).

*And of course, if you needed to check the reference on what a “leads pouring in” is, then be sure to look into offrs’ real estate lead generation websites. Will you get “eleventy” new leads per month? No (eleventy isn’t a thing), but you will get more than you will by sitting here pondering the sheer breadth of eleventy. Go rock your day.





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