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"All of the Above" Approach

We leverage all marketing channels to drive leads to agents including smart farming, online marketing, telemarketing, mail and social media.

We drive Homeowner Engagement

We prospect and market directly to homeowners in your area through online and phone surveys, targeted online ads and drive them to engage with you.

We Maximize Conversion

We leverage predictive analytics and our expertise in conversion marketing to maximize your marketing investment to build your brand and drive leads to your inbox.

We generate Leads via Smart Farming

We survey homeowners through phone, email and online surveys each month in your area verifying listing opportunities.


We score each property using our proprietary algorithm to identify who is most likely to list their home for sale next. We have predicted over 70% of home sales throughout the United States.



We survey high-scoring homeowners through an active telephone and online campaign to verify who is thinking of selling in the next 6-12 months.



Once the homeowner responds to a survey we can then verify their intention to list their property and deliver the lead directly to your inbox.

We generate Leads Online

We use Smart Data and Online Targeting to target homeowners with highest potential to list their home for sale.


With we generate exclusive leads directly to you through our website and you also can create your own custom high-conversion landing page.



When homeowners search for their property they get a robust and dynamic property report which shows home value ranges and market trends.



Once the homeowner searches their property we match their address with their contact information and deliver lookup leads directly to you. We then attempt to verify each lookup lead through our call center as a verified listing lead.

We generate Leads via Sphere Marketing

Agents can launch one-click marketing campaigns to generate leads and referrals from their sphere of influence.


Agents can upload their sphere of influence (people they know) and we will enhance the data and make it easy to manage contacts in one place for sphere marketing.



Agents can launch mass TXT, mass voicemail and mass email campaigns to their sphere with a few clicks. Staying in touch with people you know will help drive referrals and new leads.



For most agents, 60%+ of their leads come from their sphere. Through sphere marketing we enable the agent to keep their referral network and sphere active.

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  • Customer Testimonials and Reviews

    As an experienced Realtor entering a new marketplace I found it challenging to pick the right area to farm for business. After researching Offrs it was a no brainer that the monthly fee was well worth the information I would be getting. After one week I obtained my first listing, which will more than cover a full year subscription.

    Lisa D. Sarasota, FL
  • Customer Testimonials and Reviews

    As a Broker and Real Estate Agent, I have been using for over two years. We have leveraged their Smart Data to enhance all of our marketing programs including our direct mail, email and online ads. offrs consistently generates leads and provide real value to our agents. I believe every broker and agent needs Smart Data.

    Beth D. Siesta Key, FL
  • Customer Testimonials and Reviews and predictive analytics is the future of real estate. If you want to build a business and leverage sophisticated marketing techniques like social media marketing, online ads and smart farming you absolutely need They accelerate your brokerage by providing the data, platform and services your agents need to succeed.

    Tony G. Beverly Hills, CA
  • Customer Testimonials and Reviews was instrumental in our team becoming the #1 fastest growing office in the Northwest. We were one of the first offices on their R.O.O.F. program and generated over 70 leads in first 90 days.

    Troy T. Seattle, WA
  • Customer Testimonials and Reviews has generated listings for me and my agents consistently since I joined the program. I am a big believer in Smart Data, and have leveraged it to build a very successful marketing program.

    Dan C. Madison, WI
  • Customer Testimonials and Reviews is one of the best ways we have found for consistent seller lead generation. We operate in a very competitive marketplace where we need every competitive advantage we can get to help us be first in the door. is a critical piece to our success.

    David D. Hoboken, NJ