offrs reviews Free Sphere Marketing Tools

One of the commitments we make at is to offer value to all real estate agents who register on our website. So we decided to offer SPHERE MARKETING at no cost for 6 months for any agent who registers on our website.

offrs reviews Showcases RAIA, Digital Assistant Products at Inman Connect Conference previews the first artificially intelligent real estate assistant to a crowd of real estate innovators and leaders.

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Go for Broker!

Being able to automate and delegate these tasks not only provides brokers with a higher value proposition to potential agents – it gives agents a head start for success.

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Data-Driven Decisions in Real Estate Marketing

Realtors who are utilizing the smart data real estate strategy know firsthand how implementing automation and artificial intelligence can help you scale your business. The use of smart data allows realtors to make data-driven decisions when they obtain statistics from campaigns.

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The Real Estate Agent's Guide to Successful Online Advertising

Marketing budgets are a point of contention for many real estate professionals, mainly because if a campaign effort fails, the channel used is usually where the blame lands.

offrs reviews Reviews on achieves 5 star ratings and reviews on

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Smart Data Real Estate and the Future of Real Estate Marketing

Nearly 90% of realtors use direct mailers as one of their marketing outreach methods. What many of these realtors may not know or realize is that a mass mailing has one of the lowest conversion rates when it comes to generating real estate seller leads.

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Why Should You Care About Real Estate Predictive Analytics?

If you’re a realtor, you know how much being the first in the door can impact your likelihood of getting a seller listing. Predictive analytics when applied to real estate marketing and utilized correctly can significantly affect how you generate seller leads for real estate.

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You're Invited to the Party!

The proven proprietary algorithm used by processes over 200 points of data for every home in your area compiled from the 10 largest data providers in the U.S. to deliver a comprehensive list of seller prospects.

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How to Run a Successful First Touch Campaign

Experienced realtors know better than anyone that first impressions are everything. Finding a way to stand out from the crowd and establish your professional brand from the get-go needs to be an important part of your marketing strategy.

offrs reviews voted best Predictive Analytics platform for Real Estate continues to receive accolades and top reviews from industry leaders in real estate.

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Lead Generation Part III - The CTA and Landing Page

In the first two blogs I talked about Ad Networks, Types of Ads, Understanding the Conversion Funnel. This blog we are going to talk about the importance of the CTA (Call To Action) and the Landing Page.

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Lead Generation with Online Ads (Part II)

If you are looking to deploy ads on Google and Facebook, you should read this blog series on conversion marketing and the basic building blocks of online lead generation.

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Lead Generation on Google and Facebook

There are a lot of companies offering Lead Generation solutions that leverage ad networks like Google and Facebook. I thought it would be helpful to provide some insight into how these systems work, and some important tips every real estate agent should know before investing in an online ad campaign.

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How to generate Seller Leads

Generating Leads requires more than just data and tools. You need to dedicate time and create a process that is consistent and leverages best practices.

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Building a Real Estate Office of the Future (R.O.O.F.)

ROOF (Real estate Office Of the Future) is an ambitious program being launched to help accelerate a real estate office into the future of technology, marketing and best practices.

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A Presentation on Smart Data and Predictive Analytics

This video walks through a short presentation on predictive analytics, smart data and real estate.

offrs reviews Launches First Ten Real Estate Offices of the Future

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics, works with top brokers to launch R.O.O.F. in major cities across the United States to revolutionize lead generation.

offrs reviews Announces R.O.O.F. - Real Estate Office of the Future launches first artificial intelligence driven assistant for real estate brokerages.