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Nearly 90% of realtors use direct mailers as one of their marketing outreach methods. What many of these realtors may not know or realize is that a mass mailing has one of the lowest conversion rates when it comes to generating real estate seller leads.

Some realtors send out a mailer to every door in the area any time they get a new listing to use it as a testimonial for their business acumen. Smart data real estate strategy has proven time and time again that prospects don’t respond to generic mailers, but rather to specialized marketing campaigns. That’s another reason why digital advertising isn’t a one-shot guaranteed lead generation method either.

Banner ads and email lists without a carefully crafted message that accurately represents the brand and speaks to the potential seller is likely to fail to convert real estate internet leads as well. These methods often come up short for conversion because the demographic didn’t necessarily ask for it. Another reason digital campaigns without a clear message are overlooked is that there’s no call to action.

Mark Dickson, co-founder of, recommends realtors give their own copy a “smell test” to analyze the content they are sending out and honestly think about how they would respond to it if they received it in their inbox or mailbox. Too often, realtors focus more on their logo and get that confused as the main representation of their brand when in fact their communication methods and content are an even stronger factor.

“Your brand is your messaging – it’s everything you send out,” Dickson says.

When creating specialized messages, you can use smart data real estate to build better relationships. territory filters allow you to subdivide an area based on specific demographic criteria. It’s not just about discovering listing leads. The future of marketing with smart data involves word of mouth referrals just like “old school” real estate marketing.

Investor properties and word on the street (literally) are ways that agents who market to the leads brought in by territories can get more business and leverage their exposure in a specific area. While realtors and their ISAs might get about 100 phone calls logged each month, the automated call system makes 1000 calls a month to generate and verify potential seller leads on behalf of our territory licensees.

Realtors and agents don’t always have time to be their own marketers and telemarketers. In fact, co-founder Rich Swier, Jr. points out that agents who outsource these tasks see the most success because they have more time to build actual relationships and close sales rather than generate leads through marketing.

Dickson reiterates that consistency is key for the success of a long-term marketing campaign. “A lot of times people give up too quickly,” says Dickson. Some of the most successful realtors have seen their success materialize over the course of years rather than a shotgun approach to their initial touch campaigns. Swier also provides insight about “the hill effect” of initially taking the time to gear up early campaigns and build the right, meaningful relationships to get over the hill and see the referrals and dividends come through thereafter. Continuously marketing is necessary to keep the pipeline filled and that’s where the consistency concept is lost on a lot of realtors who are not familiar with marketing and business development but want to simply close deals.

Watch the full video of this conversation (“Episode 2: The Future of Marketing”) to get all of the insightful advice shared between co-founders Mark Dickson and Rich Swier, Jr.

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