Add two cups oven and bake at colander degrees for apron minutes? Something’s wrong. You just clicked on a recipe online… it looks great in the picture, but it doesn’t look right in practice. Times, temperatures and ingredients throughout this recipe have been replaced with tools. Obviously, this is off.

This is how you should feel whenever you hear that the recipe to your business’s success is a tool. Flags should go up and alarms should go off. Let’s be real… if there was a tool that alone could create instant and lasting success for your business, who wouldn’t sign up in droves? But no, the not-so-secret ingredient for success, the one everyone knows yet most ignore… is time itself. You have to put the time in. This is farming.

With farming, proven tools are put to use, but it’s really about the processes - the order in which you do things and the duration with which you do them. This is important to the abundant return and sustainability of your farm. Just imagine if a farmer focused only on washing the tractor, while ignoring the parched crop behind him. He’d inevitably go hungry down the road… even after all the work he’s put in and despite the tools he’s purchased for his farm.

Of course, that’s not to say that we don’t appreciate the right tool for the right job. offrs has led the way in developing the most powerful tools and identifying the most effective business practices for both lead generation and lead conversion. We’re committed to your success as a “farmer” (as an agent working the leads we provide). But part of this commitment is keeping the goals and expectations real.

The good news is that we’re here with you… right here, right now. If you haven’t signed up for our Facebook MasterMind group or registered for our MasterMind webinar series, be sure to do so. It’s free and may help make sense of the ever-changing landscape we all work. These, coupled with our free, unlimited live training sessions covering proper lead conversion help ensure that we’re using the right tool for the right job and in the right way.

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