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Industry Seller Leads: A Summary

They are the cornerstone of a successful RE business going into 2019... a staple of solid, consistent results over time and... despite what you may believe... they're available in abundance through offrs' real estate lead generation services. No, real estate seller leads aren't residents living in your farm, seller leads are the data surrounding those residents... their actions and even trackable environmental changes going on around them such as exposure to online or (yes) offline ads that all add up to and affect the homeowner's relationship to the housing market. That's a lot of marketing and tech there, but we'll break it down... Seller leads are not merely raw names... they're all of the data surrounding any given name at any given time... they're consumer life action, reactions to online ads, decisions they make and trends they're demonstrating. Our seller leads... our real estate leads... they're Smart Leads... the next generation of real estate predictive analytics-driven, results-ready listing leads ready for you and your team (depending on where they are in their listing cycle, of course)!

Why are they important?

Simply put, offrs seller leads represent a much more qualified type of lead in that they are identified earlier on in the decision-making process (they're often pre-market leads). It's no longer enough to be there as an agent ready to help homeowners with their listing needs. Agents marketing their brand and services to homeowners must now consider the timing and consistency of their marketing strategies, with campaigns based on the latest state of residential needs. Similarly, homeowners in this market are over-saturated with blanket communication and require not only specialized service but timely service from a specialized agent that has updated info around the regional housing market. Being there, early on in the relationship (before other agents even know that the homeowner is thinking of listing) allows you to provide better, more accurate and timely market information earlier on in the homeowner's decision-making process. Instead of uninformed consideration regarding whether or not to list, you're now at their side, ready to provide solid insight and the latest market data. This is the power of modern real estate lead generation websites.

How They're Gathered?

As we've laid out, true seller leads aren't found... they're made. Sure, consumer data gathered through partners and public resources do, in fact, feed the offrs real estate lead generator solution as raw data. But it's the multitude of stages these raw resources travel through that ultimately form the motivated, ready-to-flip real estate agent leads we can now expect from the latest technologies and processes from the top real estate lead generation companies (offrs). Similar to your own, manual lead verification and qualification processes, offrs' approach to lead generation for real estate incorporates over 250 points of data from over 20 top-tier data providers. Our seller leads are continuously cycled through to refine the lead into its most convertible form. The concept of "convertibility" (the readiness of what would formerly be identified as a lead) is what makes the difference. offrs seller leads are qualified at each stage of pre-conversion to ultimately highlight those most opportune connections or to categorize and place less-opportune connections at various stages of your farming and lead conversion timeline (preparing them for your long-game outreach, marketing, and conversion strategies). In all, wherever we can, offrs is either vetting, qualifying or quantifying your homeowner leads.

How To Put Seller Leads Into Play

It's not enough to have a list of names... not even enough to have a highlighted, prioritized list of real estate listing leads. You've got to have the methodologies in place to know how to convert leads identified through real estate lead generation into solid, returning business for now and for the long haul. So we've got you covered! As mentioned, offrs lead generation for real estate agents identifies and prioritizes seller leads are indeed more convertible in that they've been filtered multiple times using multiple qualifying processes we've helped bring to the market, but more... we're delivering them often before they've advertised their intent to list to the market. How you use this knowledge is up to you, but already, out of the gate, you've got the advantage. Do we see offrs agents drop the ball... sure. It's part of the game. But if you're the type of agent that knows how to handle a hot referral lead... if you're serious about your own SMB lead generation real estate business, then you might just be ready for the big league with offrs. To help you win, we've created multiple lead conversion videos, online training webinars and hundreds of scripts and templates that cover the gambit of email, voicemail, text, postcard, calls and even social media. Yeah, offrs is truly the turnkey seller leads expert, but we do so, so much more.

Effective Ways To Generate Seller Leads

First and foremost, you'll need to know what variant of lead you're looking for. Again, not all leads are the same. But you'll also need to partner with the best service providers in the industry. We say "providers" (plural) because not every lead generation service provider alone can provide the breadth of detail around a homeowner that can. And this plurality of real estate lead generation service providers can really impact your marketing and operational budgets. So what is the best solution for achieving your top-tier operational goals while still working within your budget? offrs. While we could go into the countless ways in which leads the pack for lead generation, we'll sum it all up with this simple message... if you're looking for the best and most effective seller lead generation, head to offrs. There's a reason why offrs continues to win awards in the real estate sector as well as across multiple industries when it comes to seller lead generation (be that through more traditional lead capture technologies or the more game-changing technologies such as predictive analytics). But hey, check it out for yourself. We are proud of our many real estate data solutions, made specifically for real estate agents out in the field. This is why we demo our solutions both online, over the phone or in person (either at conferences or in your office). Come and see what we're all about.

Lifecycle Of Seller Leads

Farming, farming, farming. It's all about farming and we all know it. But not much is said about what "farming" is. And this minor ambiguity in the industry (given the impact that lead conversion over time has on small business owners) is rather impactful to everyone involved in the transaction. That is to say, a hand full of leads every day requires effort and time to convert into practical results (the numbers you ultimately want to see). If your existing lead source isn't aiding in or even addressing the next step in converting your daily pool of leads, then they're doing you a disservice and by letting your business fail to meet your numbers by even reviewing the process of conversion, they're setting the bar for homeowner/agent relationship and transactional experience too low. Because an unmet homeowner lead, or worse, an unattended homeowner lead becomes the fuel for agent reputations industry-wide. This is why it's important to partner with a top-tier service provider like offrs. Because a database of out-dated info will simply not cut it and being left in the cold as to how to address the leads generated for you and/or your team isn't enough (for you or the industry). With our vast library of lead conversion best practice resources and training (available at no additional cost to our agents), offrs is not only the "where" but the "how" as well. We're upping the game.

Where to get them

Seller leads require data and a method to crunch that data over time in order to properly highlight those home sellers which are most likely to require the services of a qualified RE specialist within the next 6 to 12 months. And achieving that goal with a 70% national average accuracy is a marker we've proudly hit year after year since we brought predictive analytics to the real estate industry more than 5 years ago. That said, is your source for the best seller leads in the business. Ours are provided exclusively for your farm and are divided by census tract so that the neighborhoods that your brand markets to are covered more thoroughly. If you haven't yet, set an appointment with one of our business strategists today to learn more about and what they can do for your business in 2018, 2019 and beyond.

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