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Why you need Seller Leads not Buyer Leads

Federal jury verdict on broker fees rocks real estate industry!
Why it matters: The verdict is a major shake up to the U.S. real estate market and could change how Americans purchase homes, or specifically, how they pay for broker fees. Specifically, the buyer's agent won't have to be paid by the listing agent anymore.
Does this mean Buyer Leads are worthless?
Yes. Listing Leads will now be the only way you are guaranteed commission. Buyer commissions will be dramatically reduced and most likely go away.
How to generate Listing Leads

ROOF Converts Leads

ROOF leverages A.I. to help you convert your leads into listings by ensuring every lead is touched immediately and consistently over time via outreach including calls, txt and email.

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It's not Magic. It's Math.

Predictive Analytics and Big Data drive most decisions in businesses around the world. Now it can be used to grow your Real Estate business.

Prediction Accuracy
Leads per Zip
Average Commission per Listing

$200,000 in Commissions

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We guarantee 30 leads per month with our new Lead Feed product. If we fall short, we will automatically expand your area at no additional cost.

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Predictive Analytics Seller Leads
You have to be First in the Door to win Listings
According to the National Association of REALTORS® 3 out of 4 Homeowners choose the First Agent they talk to when deciding to list their home for sale.
Predicting Listings Listing Leads
We predict over 70% of Listings.
We leverage over 250 points of data on homeowners to process our predictive algorithm to identify who is most likely to list their home for sale in the next 12 months.
How to generate Listing Leads

You are going to love it

Our product's primary focus is on providing leads to your inbox with ease of use. We achieve this through our A.I. powered predictive seller algorithm, which enables us to target homeowners directly on popular channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other relevant platforms.

Get Leads Anywhere

You can access our Smart Data anywhere. Simply search by zipcode and you can access contact information for all homeowners and more importantly our leads.


Real Estate Leads delivered daily

We generate leads leveraging our proven online advertising and through a multitude of date providers from popular real estate websites.


Proven Lead Capture.

Our lead capture ads and landing pages have been refined over time to ensure we generate quality leads for our customers.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Win Listings by being First in the Door

We understand that quality listing leads are crucial for the growth of your real estate business. That's why we have developed a comprehensive program based on proven techniques used by top agents across the country and our 10 years of experience in real estate data and marketing.
Predictive Sellers
First, we utilize a powerful algorithm that predicts who is most likely to sell in your area. These predictive sellers are the foundation of our program.
Seller Signal Leads
Second, we launch targeted ads aimed at these predictive sellers, bringing them into our sales funnel as seller signal leads. These leads have high potential for being in the market and are more likely to convert into sales.
In-Market Leads
Third, we introduce your brand through a series of engaging email campaigns with strong calls to action. Our email campaigns are designed to generate in-market leads, giving you a strong pipeline of potential clients.

We Deliver Listing Leads Guaranteed

We have helped generate thousands of listing leads and listings working with agents across the country. Our Smart Data has put them first in the door.

Save Time and Money

Our Predictive Sellers saves you time and money by focusing on who is most likely to list their home.

Listing Leads in your Zip
Access Leads in your Territory
Marketing to Seller Leads
Leverage Predictive Sellers in your Marketing
Home owners looking to Sell
Homeowner Contact Information
Real Estate Apps
Access Real-Time Lead Feed
How to generate Seller Leads

We deliver your brand to thousands of homeowners looking to sell

Building a strong brand as a real estate agent is essential for generating listings in today's competitive market. A well-established brand can help differentiate you from other agents and attract potential clients who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy agent. By building a brand, you can establish your expertise and showcase your unique value proposition, which can lead to increased visibility and credibility in the market. Additionally, a strong brand can help you foster long-term relationships with your clients, which can lead to repeat business and referrals. In a field where trust and relationships are paramount, building a brand is an investment in your business that can pay off significantly over time.

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